Welcome To the Glowing Body


We are so glad you are here. Not just digitally, on this particular set of 0’s and 1’s, but also, HERE, on the planet earth. We have a saying at The Glowing Body. Yoga Meets You Where You Are … and …. It’s All Yoga.

We know we aren’t the first humans to say that or something like that. But we are honored to be a small part of the many voices on the planet saying and believing this stuff. We are inter-related, inter-lineage, inter-dependent, inter-denominational, inter-grated, inter-ior, inter-connected and we are from the mountains, so we like to go inter-tubing. We don’t care what style, lineage or perspective you come from, as long as you have a noble heart, would like a noble heart, or have had the thought bubble “noble heart” at any point in your existence.  All that we ask of our teachers: Teach with authenticity, authority, experience and love.

We could say a lot more but we run this place like a co-op and someone is making the writer put a lid on it.

Check out our offerings. Come hang out with us. You are never too [old] [inflexible] [tight] [stupid] [smart] for yoga …. it really does meet you where you are.

Over and out. Let us know if you have any questions.