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Glowing Body Welcomes Kelly Scott, LMT, RTT, & NCBTMB Provider as Studio Co-Owner and Director of Healing Arts

Kelly joins the Glowing Body as an established private practitioner and NCBTMB continuing education provider. Her new role includes bringing her expertise in Thai Yoga Massage as a Registered Thai Therapist, as well as her well-received CEU courses in Thai Yoga Massage.

Kelly is currently abroad studying with David Lutt of Lulyani School of Thai Yoga Massage and Osteothai. David Lutt is a licensed osteopath combining his expertise and love of osteopathy, Thai yoga massage and zen shiatsu. He is the co-founder of Osteothai and initiator of Dynamic Thai Massage. Kelly will return at the end of May ready to share what she has learned.

Read Kelly’s bio, visit her private practice website or contact her via email.

Stay tuned for course schedules, updated healing arts services and new practitioners joining our team.

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Kelly Scott, LMT, RTT, NCTMB Provider # 451957-12

865.919.6020 Thai Yoga Massage, Continuing Education Courses

Jen Schappel, LMT, E-RYT

865.385.0962 Massage Therapy

Jen is currently on maternity leave. Please check back for when she returns!

Jennifer Jones, LMT

720.635.1028 Massage Therapy

Gina Baker, LMT, CST, RYT

415.858.2417 Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy

Sarah Fields , LMT, RYT, HHC

865.806.7476 Massage Therapy, Holistic Health Coaching

Specialized Individual Yoga Sessions

Andrea Cartwright

865.523.5633 Cranial Yoga Individual Sessions

Sharon Spontak, RN, RYT

423.278.2163 Embodyment® Yoga Therapy

Kelly Scott, LMT, RTT, NCTMB Provider # 451957-12

I received my first Thai yoga experience from my sister Kim Nichols Cech in the early 1990s. Appropriately, after giving birth and raising three children along with my laborious hobbies, my body was in turmoil from holding patterns, bad posture and poor breathing habits, resulting in lower back pain, sore achy muscles and little core strength. It was my sisters understanding of unique yogic elements, counter movements and her intuitive nature that provoked and ignited a curiosity within me. While her approach was as unique as she was, I often reflect on the times she held me in support poses patiently waiting for my body’s response to the newly found open space, blood flow and rise of energy. At the end of our sessions, I could hardly lift myself from the mat feeling so grounded. I felt as if the mat and I became inseparable. The profoundness of my body opening, expanding, and lifting were all experienced in just one Thai session. Little did I know my course was set to explore, study, and engage in this fine art of Thai bodywork.

I set out on an international journey to immerse in traditional massage, and since then my education has been a journey of continuous unfolding to my authentic self, with the focus of Thai yoga massage. I have had the privilege of learning from many versatile and well seasoned teachers in Costa Rica, Thailand, Bali, France and the United States.

My approach to Thai Yoga Massage infuses many varieties and styles that have been inspired by my teachers. I bring my artistic background of visual fine arts, my love and joy for dance and movement, as well as honor for the body as one’s teacher and laboratory in which one may see and understand the universe more clearly. It is my pleasure to share with you my passion for this practice in a holistic, culturally rich, and playful way. It is my desire you will find what you have been seeking, that this work will awaken you in its own uniqueness.

Thai Yoga Massage

90 minutes • $120 // 120 minutes • $150

Thai Abdominal Massage

60 minutes • $80

Kelly is currently abroad completing continued education. She will begin offering services at Glowing Body at the end of May. Visit Kelly’s website or contact her via email. 865.919.6020

Jen Schappel, LMT, E-RYT


Jen is currently on maternity leave.

Please check back for when she returns!

Jen brings her creativity to every session and doesn’t follow a routine or script. She often hears from clients, “your massage is so different.” Jen uses her hands, feet, elbows, and knees to skillfully and intuitively employ a wide range of techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, Ashiatsu, Thai, trigger point release, reflexology, Reiki energy work, and more. So whether you’re looking for an insightful deep tissue massage, a luxurious relaxation experience, or even a prenatal retreat, Jen has the tools to help you align with your intention.

30min • $45 // 60min • $75 // 90min • $100 // 2hr • $130

Bodywork on a budget: bring your own sheets and save $5 on 60 or 90 min sessions!

SCHEDULE online now!
Have questions? E-mail Jen or call her at 865.385.0962.

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Jennifer Jones, LMT

Jennifer is honored and delighted to bring almost 20 years of experience offering Women Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal and Postpartum massage, Infant Massage, Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, and Hot Stone Massage to a practice devoted entirely to Women.

Jennifer earned a B.A. in Dance from Washington University in St. Louis in 1997. An injury while in school led her to receive bodywork for the first time, and after experiencing it’s profound benefits, she decided to pursue a career in massage. She attended Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, Colorado in 1998, where she learned a wide variety of modalities including Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Injury Rehab for Dancers and Athletes, Treatment for Repetitive Use Injuries, Whiplash Treatment, Reflexology, and Hot Stone Massage. The birth of her 2 children led to her interest in Prenatal, Postpartum, and Infant Massage. Jennifer is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. Her ever deepening practice and study of Yoga also led her to complete continuing education in Thai Massage and Ayurvedic Massage.

Visit Jennifer’s website. To make an appointment, call 720.635.1028

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Gina Baker, LMT, CST, RYT

Gina’s vision is to empower and teach each unique individual how to heal through body awareness and mindful living. Her methods are effective on all ages from infant through seniors dealing with a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions.

Gina’s healing practice utilizes a unique blend of CranioSacral, Myofascial and/or Somato-Emotional release overlaid with energy-based healing and spiritual counseling. The combination of her deep spiritual connection and practical training creates a powerful, natural approach that enables her to connect with clients on both physical and metaphysical levels enabling them to rediscover the path to a pain free body and mind.

Visit Gina’s website. To make an appointment, call 415.858.2417

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Sarah Fields, LMT, RYT, HHC

Through her practice of yoga as a student and teacher, she became more interested in learning complementary healing modalities. She believes that yoga and massage together bring more awareness and balance into peoples’ lives. Sarah, a graduate of Asheville School of Massage and Yoga in May 2011, offers an Integrative Massage that brings your body into relaxation so that the body can begin to restore and heal itself. This massage incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching, and Deep Breathing Techniques to help bring the Mind, Body, and Spirit back into balance. Bring more awareness to the peace and harmony within yourself, so you can live fully and freely.

30 minute tune-up: $ 45
Fit self-care into your busy schedule, and feel the rewards shine through your work, relationships, and health or tune-up to extend the benefits of an Integrative Massage.

60 minute Integrative Massage: $80
Allow your body and mind to surrender into relaxation, so your body can remember its ability to heal itself. Receive a full body Swedish massage, injury specific sports massage, or somewhere in between. Sarah will listen to your body’s needs and offer the most appropriate techniques so you will leave feeling rejuvenated, clear, and balanced.

90 minute Integrative Empowerment: $110
A 90 minute massage is ideal for those that are experiencing chronic pain or injuries. The extra time allows for the therapist to work deeper and spend more time on the areas of your body that really need massage.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment contact Sarah via email or call 865-806-7476. Become a fan on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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Andrea Cartwright

Andrea has taught yoga in Knoxville for over 40 years. In the 80s she worked under the supervision of physical therapists at The Therapy Center, Inc. and was then employed by Orthopedic Associates of Knoxville at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in their physical therapy department. She helped with therapy for post-operative patients or those with chronic conditions such as back pain. This experience taught her the importance of individualized instruction even within a group setting. During her career, she has studied various kinds of Hatha Yoga receiving yoga teacher certifications.

In 1978, she was asked to teach a weekly TV series for WSJK that ran for two years throughout the state of Tennessee. Having previously received a National Board Certification for massage therapy, Andrea used this knowledge to make her yoga teaching more therapeutic and individualized, going on to combine yoga with The Cranial Sacral Therapy she learned from the nationally recognized physical therapist, Barrett Dorko. Her newest approach to yoga is Cranial Yoga. This approach uses hands-on instruction to reveal how yoga postures can give relief from joint pain due to muscle imbalance and fascial adhesions.

60 minute Cranial Yoga Private: $90

To make an appointment, call 865.523.5633

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Sharon Spontak, RN, RYT

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy incorporates the deepest elements of Svaroopa® Yoga. In a one-on-one session Sharon will work to facilitate the release of deeply held tensions in your body through the conscious application of the principles of yoga.

The session is deeply relaxing, restorative, and transformative. In a one-hour session you receive the benefits equivalent to what 6-8 Svaroopa® yoga classes might bring.

This hands-on healing modality will benefit you if you are looking for pain relief, greater relaxation or recovering from injury. This is appropriate for all levels of physical condition.

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy: $75.00

Package of 3 Sessions: $210.00

To schedule an Embodyment® session, to learn more about Embodyment® or to schedule a private Svaroopa Yoga class you can email Sharon Spontak at saspontak@gmail.com or call 423-278-2163.
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