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Allison began practicing yoga in 2006 and became a serious practitioner in 2012 after graduating from Maryville College. She completed a 200-hour teacher training at Glowing Body in 2013 with the wonderful Cindy Dollar. She is always ready to share her limitless enthusiasm about yoga and loves learning from each and every student. Allison blends Ashtanga yoga with a focus on healthy alignment and encourages students to embrace the journey that is each asana. She feels that, as in life, the poses that challenge us the most are often our greatest teachers. Influences include Cindy Dollar, Philip Clift, Jen Beyt Coffin, Jardana Peacock, Sadie Nardini, and Kino MacGregor.


Amanda is a licensed occupational therapist working at UT Medical Center and a certified yoga teacher. She began practicing yoga initially in 2006, but did not have a dedicated practice. During her graduate studies in occupation therapy, she began to learn more of the benefits of yoga for everybody, despite physical or cognitive challenges, and how yoga was being used in the therapy world. Learning about the incredible health benefits and accessibility of yoga increased and rejuvenated her practice. After moving back to Knoxville for clinical rotations in 2012, she began to develop my personal practice, and she found that she loved vinyasa flow and power style classes. In 2015, Amanda completed her 200 hour teacher training at Glowing Body with the knowledgable & fantastic Cindy Dollar. Since completing teacher training, she has enjoyed being open to working with a variety of people. Amanda believes yoga is for everyone and should be made accessible to everyone. As a teacher, she strives to combine her knowledge of anatomy and adaptability as an OT to the asanas. Amanda enjoys learning from everyone she encounters, both teachers and students, in order to deepen her yoga practice.


Carol Ann, an east Tennessee native, began practicing yoga in 2001 while living in West Tennessee. After spending a few years following what limited yoga instructors were available in the area from gym to gym, she decided to pursue yoga teacher training and begin to train herself. From 2005-2009, she completed YogaFit 200 hour teacher training. Returning to Knoxville in 2009, Carol Ann found a yoga home and community at Glowing Body and completed an additional 200 hour teacher program in 2013 with Cindy Dollar. With a constant desire for learning, Carol Ann has completed training with Richard Rosen, Gabriel Halpern, Alison West, and Christina Sell. She is currently completing “Rockstar Teacher Training” online course with Sadie Nardini and has plans to begin a 1000 hour therapeutic teacher training with YogaFit.

Carol Ann has been teaching vinyasa since 2008, core vinyasa since 2013, and has recently expanded her teaching to include restorative yoga. Her influences are her initial teachers without whom she would have never experienced the mind, body, spirit connection and the immense benefits from yoga practice: Ave, Andrea, and Melissa; her mentors/teachers at Glowing Body: Kim, Jen Schappel, Philip, Jennifer Beyt Coffin, Sara Matayoshi, Sarah Fields, Judson, Amber, Allison, Stacy, Mariko, and Tammy; and BKS Iyengar, Cindy Dollar, Beth Shaw, Sadie Nardini, Christina Sell, Kino MacGregor, Richard Rosen, Gabriel Halpern, Alison West, and Judith Lasseter.

When she’s not practicing, teaching, or learning more about yoga, Carol Ann enjoys hiking, dog training and spending time with her dog Rosie, gardening, and her work with public health and student teaching.


Cheryl took her first yoga class in college while completing her Bachelor’s degree in theater at SUNY Stony Brook. She was looking for some stress relief and when she left her first class feeling both calm and alert, with a fresh perspective, she knew yoga would be a part of her life from then on. After years of on again off again practice and a move to the Midwest, Cheryl was working in a hectic retail environment. This led her to a more consistent yoga practice. She was inspired to become a teacher after the realization that her yoga practice had helped her create balance, strength and peace in her life. She wanted to share this with others so she decided to become an RYT. After completing her 200 hr training in January of 2014, she was grateful to have had the opportunity to teach college students and faculty at the University of Missouri Recreation Complex in Columbia, Mo.

While Cheryl truly loves and enjoys being a teacher, she also loves and enjoys being a student. She has gained insight and inspired from many teachers including Leslie Kaminoff, Jennifer Beyt Coffin, Philip Clift, Meghan Currie and Kathryn Budig.

Cheryl’s classes include a focus on breath and body awareness, while conveying a sense of balance, peace and strength. Creating a sense of awareness to encourage positive change is one of her goals in teaching.

Having recently moved to Knoxville, Cheryl looks forward to teaching yoga in this beautiful and vibrant city!


Claire is a native Knoxvillian who fell in love with the mindfulness of yoga during her 20+ years living in Memphis. A mother of four, her asana practice waxed and waned with the responsibilities of home and work, until she returned to Knoxville in 2008, and started practicing again in earnest to deepen her personal practice.

“Yoga is not a goal, it’s a practice” said one of her teachers. But, she needed a goal to deepen her practice, so in 2015 she completed yoga teacher training with Cindy Dollar through The Glowing Body.

Since then she has discovered a genuine love of teaching, of sharing what she has learned while continuing to learn through her students, other teachers and classes – through the practice.

She considers her classes to be mindful, balanced, beginner flows.


Cristina has been on the path of practicing yoga since 2003. She has been called to help others in discovering the many health benefits as well as the peace of mind that yoga inspires. The Yoga Asanas are the tools that she uses on her journey of self-discovery and she is honored to have the chance to share this journey with others. Cristina desires to offer guidance and support along the Path to anyone earnestly seeking a healthy, more holistic life. The practice of yoga is more than just exercise, it is strongly encouraged that all serious yoga practitioners explore all eight limbs of yoga and discover for themselves the peaceful nature of reality.

The Asanas are where we start to cultivate strength in the body and calm the mind. Sharing her knowledge with others is Cristina’s good fortune. “I enjoy helping people. It starts with taking care of our bodies. When our bodies are clean and healthy we are able to think clearly and begin to live life from a more divine and spiritual place. I believe that I am a servant of the community and I attempt to make the world a better place, one person, and one breathe at a time.”

Gina Baker, RYT, LMT, CST

Gina has worked with pregnant women and their families since 1999. She is a certified prenatal yoga teacher. She weaves her experience as a licensed massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, child birth educator, spiritual counselor, and mother into her work. Her greatest joy for teaching is to offer women a supportive, nurturing, and mindful environment to empower them to find strength and beautiful connection with their babies.


Jennifer has a 20-year hatha yoga practice and draws her inspiration from a blend of the essential aspects of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Forrest, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga practices. Since teaching her first class 13 years ago, Jennifer has strived to make her classes welcoming, challenging and safe.

It is Jennifer’s goal as a teacher to encourage you to find the therapeutic benefits of your practice, be it vigorous or more passive, so that it may be a life long endeavor. Her teachers include Sadie Nardini, Sean Johnson, Philip Clift, Doug Swenson, David Swenson, Stephanie Keach, Heather Tiddens and her son, Max.

She is certified as a Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga teacher by Sadie Nardini.

Video of Jennifer’s Yinyasa class is available here online at


A teacher, artist, and bodyworker, Jen values fun, creativity, wellness, and community. Her classes focus on breath, alignment, and play, highlighting the connection between how we move on the mat and how we move through life. Her warmth and encouragement make even the most challenging classes feel inclusive and accessible.

Jen got serious about yoga in order to ground and integrate after a period of world travel and major life change. A natural teacher, she began sharing this vital practice with others in 2010 and completed her 200-hr teacher training with Kelly Golden at The Glowing Body in 2011. Now, with over 1000 hours of teaching experience, Jen’s understanding of yoga continues to evolve; she gleans insight and inspiration from an ever-growing list of teachers including Sianna Sherman, Elena Brower, Richard Rosen, Cindy Dollar, and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. Jen views experience and relationships as her toughest teachers.

Jen offers massage therapy, reflexology, and Reiki at The Glowing Body.

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Jill was born in Knoxville TN. Her love of yoga first began when she took some yoga classes in college in 2001, and read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda. After graduating from New York University in 2004, with a BFA in dance performance, she started taking classes at Dharma Yoga Center in NYC, where yoga became not just something that she enjoys, but a life long path.

Jill graduated from Dharma Yoga Center’s Life of a Yogi 200 hour teacher-training in 2005 and the 500 hour teacher-training in 2010. In NYC she taught yoga, senior yoga and other fitness classes at NYU, to private clients, and was performing in a variety of modern dance companies. Presently, Jill teaches yoga at Strang Senior Center, Glowing Body, and to private clients. She also creates, performs and teaches modern dance with Go! Contemporary Dance Works and Studio Arts for Dancers.

“I feel blessed and grateful to Dharma Mittra for passing on the teaching of Hatha Raja Yoga. To teach Dharma yoga is to transmit the Sri Dharma message of compassion and love of God. ‘Be Receptive’ to the supreme teacher within!”


Judson began his yoga practice in 1998 under a group of Integral yogis in Georgia at the Athens Yoga Center during a search for a spiritual community. After waiting far too long, he did his teacher training under Stephanie Keach at the Asheville Yoga Center in 2007 and has loved every minute of teaching since then.

Judson’s classes include Mindful Hatha Yoga, a gently-paced class focusing on unifying your mind and body while strengthening both, as well as a repeating six-week series for absolute beginners. He enjoys teaching karma (pay-what-you-can) classes because it opens participation up to all sorts of people who might not otherwise experience yoga. All his classes are beginner-friendly by design, and he enjoys answering questions during class.


Katey began practicing yoga in 2012 in her hometown of Naples, Florida. She quickly learned of the positive physical and mental benefits to having a dedicated practice, and knew that she wanted to share these benefits with others. This desire led her to the Glowing Body Teacher Training program in 2015, during which she learned and grew under the brilliant Cindy Dollar. Using the combination of breath and physical movements found in a Vinyasa practice, coupled with alignment principles taught in the Iyengar system, Katey’s classes are designed to be a strong and fluid moving meditation, bringing peace to the body and mind. Katey loves the study of yoga, and is constantly learning new ways to teach and practice.


Classes with Kim are creative, challenging, and carefully crafted.

Kim constantly refines her teaching focus through study and practice of Yoga. Students can expect to reap the rewards of her study as she offers evolving insights from what she experiences in her own practice. Each week students look forward to detailed instruction and themes inspired by the impact of Yoga on daily life. Her classes are moderately rigorous and includes contemplation, breath, and simple meditative practice.

Kim also enjoys offering tailored private sessions for students beginning a Yoga practice, recovering from injury, or looking for a challenge.

She has been teaching since 2007 and successfully completed two Yoga Alliance registered teacher trainings, as well as hundreds of hours of continuing education and independent practice, qualifying her as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200). In addition to teaching Yoga, Kim holds a Master’s degree and works as a Speech Language Pathologist in area hospitals.

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Meagan Egli comes to us from Savannah, Georgia, which is where her love of fitness began as she participated in competitive athletics for over 10 years. She moved to Knoxville in 2010 and fell in love with the running trails and greenways…and soon discovered that she needed to add some yoga into her routine to combat the tightness and stiffness that came from running. She began practicing in 2011 and had the distinct privilege and honor of learning from some of Knoxville’s most incredible teachers, including Jill Bartine, Sarah Fields, Philip Clift, and Jen Beyt-Coffin. Each of these teachers, along with countless others, have impacted Meagan’s yogic journey as a practitioner and as a teacher. Meagan has taught in various settings around the Knoxville area and completed her RYT 200 hour under the supervision of Cindy Dollar. In March 2017, Meagan will complete a certification in Health & Nutrition Coaching and is eager to integrate nutrition, yoga, and self-care practices to provide a holistic approach to promoting wellness in the Knoxville community. Meagan approaches her teaching with a playful heart and powerful asana sequences to help you discover your untapped power. One of Meagan’s favorite things about teaching is the look on a person’s face when they’ve surprised themselves with strength and power they didn’t they possessed. To anyone who thinks they can’t, Meagan’s response is, “Yes, you can! And I’ll be there to remind you along the way!” Come play and surprise yourselves, friends!


Since moving to Knoxville from Charleston SC where she graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Studio Art, Meghan has fallen deeply in love with the practices of Yoga and Mindfulness. Meghan’s practice began with her first pregnancy in 2003 and she began teaching in 2009. In 2014 Cindy Dollar’s 200 Hour Teacher Training at The Glowing Body began to truly alter her life. She is ready to share her new knowledge and experiences with Knoxville. Meghan is founder of The Blossoming Lotuses Children’s Art and Yoga Program. She has trained with and received certificates by both Kidding Around Yoga Training (Children’s Yoga) and Mindfulness through Mindful Schools.
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Mona Clough earned her 200-hour RYT from Cincinnati Yoga School (also called Lotus Yoga Temple) in 2009, and is working on her 500-hour at Asheville Yoga Center. She teaches Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa Power Yoga, as well as Yin and Restorative. She believes yoga is a path to greater strength, flexibility, and joy of mind, body, and spirit. And she believes anyone can and should do yoga no matter what age or activity level. She strives to empower people of all types to move their bodies and focus their minds in healthful ways. Determined that we shouldn’t take ourselves, or our yoga, too seriously, she encourages students to show up and do the work, and also to keep it fun.
Mona’s teachers are many. To date, her biggest influences have been Will Brashear, program director at CYS, Ashtanga instructor and pupil of Masterji Vishwanath (nephew and former assistant to Guruji K. Pattabhi Jois), Rachel Roberts of The Yoga Bars in Cincinnati, Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor of Miami Life Center, Bryan Kest, one of the founders of modern Power Yoga, and Yin Yoga’s Paul Grilley. Mona has also taught Bikram style, and visited the Sri Satchidananda Ashram “Yogaville” in Buckingham, Virginia where she practiced Integral Yoga and Vipassana meditation.

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Nicole Fey is a K.R.I Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and completed her 200-hour training in New York City in 2007. Since healing her own chronic back pain, anxiety and depression through Kundalini yoga, she is passionate about sharing this powerfully transformative practice with everyone!

Utilizing the therapeutic effects of Kundalini yoga combined with nutritional coaching, Nicole has created the Master Your Midlife programs and works with clients that want to push the restart button on their health, lose the midlife bulge and feel as good as they did 20 years ago.


Rebecca started practicing yoga in 2002 with Kathleen Pringle at Stillwater Yoga, an Iyengar studio in Atlanta. In 2004 she begin the journey of intertwining yoga with motherhood. Through the years she held on to the goal of becoming a teacher when her babies were older. In 2014 she embarked on her 200-hour teacher training and revisited her Iyengar roots with Cindy Dollar at The Glowing Body. She graduated in May of 2015, seven months pregnant with her fourth daughter. Yoga is life, and during motherhood there is a lot of life within us. Rebecca guides pregnant and new moms through mindful ways to practice yoga, while honoring their body, self, and accepting this ever changing journey.


Sarah began her journey as a yoga student in 2004. She completed her 200-hr teacher training program at Neighborhood Yoga in Boone, NC in May 2010 with teachers, Kelly Golden and Valerie Midgett. Since her graduation, Sarah has been teaching at Glowing Body Yoga Studio and around Knoxville, offering group classes and private yoga sessions. She graduated from Asheville School of Massage and Yoga in May 2011, and has recently become a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is currently offering Massage Therapy at Glowing Body along with her group classes and private sessions. Through yoga and massage, Sarah has found more balance in her life and delights in offering these gifts to other people, so they too can find balance in their lives. Her intention as a teacher and therapist is to meet you wherever you are on your path, and help clarify the direction in which you want to go. With support, encouragement, challenges, and compassion, Sarah can help you feel empowered on this path towards better health.

In August 2012, Sarah graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition program through State University of New York (SUNY) as a Health Coach. Visit Sarah’s website to find out more about her Personalized Wellness Programs and sign up for your free initial health consultation. Sarah is committed to help you integrate yoga, massage, and nutrition into your daily life so you can live a healthy, fulfilling, and joyful life.

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Sharon began her yoga journey when she moved to East Tennessee in 2006. After trying several styles of yoga she found her love for Svaroopa yoga in 2012 and has been practicing ever since. It wasn’t until 2014 when she decided to pursue the path of becoming a yoga teacher. Sharon completed the 200-hour teacher training at The Glowing body in May 2015. She began her Svaroopa yoga training shortly after. Sharon has been a nurse for 16 years and has spent most of those years caring for the elderly and disabled. Svaroopa yoga has become a way for Sharon to bridge her understanding of the human body and mindfulness practice with her love of yoga and helping others. Sharon is passionate about Svaroopa yoga, her daily practice and is so excited to teach this style of yoga at The Glowing body.

Sharon also offers Embodyment® Yoga Therapy sessions, which incorporate the deepest elements of Svaroopa® Yoga. In a one-on-one session Sharon will work with you to facilitate the release of deeply held tensions in your body through the conscious application of the principles of yoga.

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Yoga found Tracy in the 8th grade in the form of a Raquel Welch video. In 2006, yoga showed up again bringing healing to her personal life after several emotional traumas. The practice of yoga gave her grounding, clarity and strength.  An Ashtangi at heart, Tracy is energetic and full of laughter yet attune to the necessity of longevity and healing faculties of yoga. She continues to seek balance between meditation, breath and strength in her personal practice and has a passion to guide others along this journey. An avid mountain biker and outdoors woman, Tracy has been sharing her love of yoga with fellow adventurers for some time, seeing their increased performance and mindfulness inspire her to continue working with athletes of all levels, hoping to foster a sense of community within her teaching. A visual artist and educator, Tracy completed Teacher Training at Glowing Body under the wisdom of Cindy Dollar in 2016 and Buti Certification in 2017. Tracy is grateful to Allison Bradley, Becca Ebner, Cindy Dollar, Sharath Jois and countless others for her yogic growth.


Veronica’s yoga journey began 3 years ago as a way to cope with and heal from head injuries and musculoskeletal trauma. Committing to a regular yoga practice has brought her great peace, deep awareness of her mind, body and spirit and an acceptance of and gratitude towards her new life. Wanting to learn more about yoga asana and philosophy, Veronica completed the Glowing Body Teacher Training in 2016 with the well-renowned Cindy Dollar. With a great passion and fascination of and for the body, yoga has also been another vehicle Veronica uses in her work as a certified Athletic Trainer and manual therapist. In order to further share the profound benefits of yoga with those around her, Veronica is currently pursuing a Medical Therapeutic Yoga certification through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute. Veronica’s teaching style emphasizes a keen awareness of alignment and breath, while balancing the mind and body through a variety of strength building, balance, flexibility and restorative postures. When Veronica is not doing yoga you can find her in the great outdoors, playing with her 2 pups, cooking, and traveling.

**Please note that many of our knowledgable teachers are available for private yoga lessons. Please speak to them individually about booking your private session.