Presence Breath: Say Bye-Bye to Stress!


Sundays, October 15th-November 5th
10:00am – 12:00pm

$150 per student

Early bird $140 if registered by September 30th)


A 4 week series that will introduce you to the power of Presence Breath- an invigorating, active breathing practice that facilitates a person’s own healing abilities through the use of movement and sound therapy, as well as a connected, rhythmic breath. During this series we will understand and explore the benefits and setbacks of stress, what happens within the body and mind and how we can use our breathing patterns as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to conquer your thoughts. Lastly, you will leave refreshed, grounded, and ready to implement your own Self-Care plan.
Each day we meet, we will have a group discussion, and then practice Presence Breath techniques so that by the end of the workshop you can begin your own practice at home. During the Presence Breath practice, you can expect energizing music to be playing while you are laying down (sitting if that is more comfortable for you) with eyes closed, breathing through your mouth in an open, connected, rhythmic pattern while the facilitator coaches you via positive affirmations and hands on manipulation/ pressure on particularly tense areas. This is a very unique and profound experience, so come open and ready to receive!
No previous breathwork experience is needed – just bring yourself, water (snack if desired), and wear comfortable clothing. A handbook, writing and art supplies will be provided.


profile About Silvina Duchini, LCSW & Presence Life Coach
Silvina received a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in 2011 and has been a practicing psychotherapist since then to people ranging from 6 years old to old age in various  low-income, Community Based Mental Health settings in Tennessee and in Philadelphia, “The Badlands”.
Silvina completed certification in Transformational Breathwork in 2010 through Transformational Breath Foundation, Hatha/ Vinyasa Yoga training in 2010 through JennYoga Studio, and has attended numerous workshops in Yoga and pranayama in different parts of the US and Canada. She has adapted everything she learned over the years to her own eclectic practice as a more trauma-sensitive and person-centered Life Coach. She holds current Licensure in Tennessee to practice Clinical Social Work (LCSW).



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