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Alicia will go through the ten major planetary bodies, zodiac sign + house pairing, planetary aspects and placement degrees, as well as five calculated points of significance in your chart. Alicia will then explain to you what illuminates, what creates shadow, and share personal meditations based on your chart. The reading is conversation-based, Alicia will share questions gained through your chart reading for potential integrations with a strong encouragement for you to share questions as well. This foundation can allow you to seek either an overall chart reading or a more focused reading through specific questions you request for Alicia to focus on.

-1 hour 30 minutes – $80 – questions? contact Alicia :



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A focused reading only discussing where your shadows fall in your chart and potentially how they will grow larger. Alicia will share with you the points in your chart that could be the perpetrator, personal insight to what it is reflective of, and suggested remedies. Very much a dialog based reading, this will be the same rubric of the Birth Chart Reading but only discussing the shadows and how to work with them.

-1 hour 30 minutes – $80 –  questions? contact Alicia :



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An offer for re-occurring meet ups to thoroughly discuss and dissect the intricacies of your birth chart in a more panned out time frame. This longer time frame to discuss your birth chart allows for a more in-depth look into your woven web as well as an interesting perspective of how things will integrate from time between each session. A great form of self-care, showing commitment to dive into your Self and your map.

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-3 one hour sessions- $200 –

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About Carkeek Astrology

Throughout the past few years I have been awakened from the realization that just as the ability to learn is endless, the ability to teach is endless as well. I was conditioned to think of a teacher as a human being who went to a “school” to become a “teacher”, and that was where it ended. Since then I have noticed the ways in which life was cut off from its own potential. Every interaction, every exchange, every encounter, it is all a teacher. It is without form that we learn, anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. I believe we all innately live this way but only through allowing a purification of acceptance can we properly identify it, which in doing so initiates the shedding of the constructed skin and membranes that society sponsors.

Astrology is one of my many(endless) teachers. It embodies many forms and, much like anything else, should never be placed in one division (i.e. religion, science) as that would be a complete disservice. My world has just begun to open and reveal what I have been unknowingly ignoring.

My relationship to astrology is inter-sectional to my relationship with photography, writing, and planet earth. I identify within the belief of intuitive-evolutionary based astrology and am seeking to specialize through astro-psychology and medical astrology.

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Terms and Conditions

Alicia begins preparing your birth chart reading once your session is scheduled. The reading itself is prepared and finished before the scheduled meeting. Alicia will present the reading and open space for inquiries and dialogue at the scheduled meeting. Because the majority of work preparing the reading precedes the meeting, we respectfully require payment once the appointment is scheduled.

We will refund $30 of the original payment in the event of a cancellation with 48 hours notice. We will not be able to refund any portion of the payment if cancelled less than 48 hours in advance of the meeting. We are always able to reschedule the meeting for no extra cost. Please contact Alicia ( ) at your earliest convenience with any of these events.

As a disclaimer, astrological birth chart readings are only intended for conversational questioning; it is not associated with mental or physical health diagnosis.

By scheduling a session you signify that you understand and agree to everything explained above.