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Kim Lomonaco, MS, CCC-SLP, E-RYT, LMT

Kim did not have to try to focus on yoga. She did not have to decide she wanted to teach. It arose in her life naturally. She hit the mat at 17 years old and never looked back.

At 20 years old, she started teaching.  Two years later she earned her Bachelor’s degree and completed her 200 hour training in Boone, NC, as taught by Valerie Midgett and Kelly Golden, GBTT’s first Program Director. When she was 26 she completed her second, more focused teacher training in the Anusara system as directed by Sarah Faircloth, Rachael Crawford-Goolsby, Kelley Gardner and Stacey Milner-Collins.

Since her first visit to the mat, Kim has earned a Master’s degree, married, given birth to a precious son, and worked as a Speech Therapist with many people experiencing the most difficult times in their lives. She calls her son and her patients some of her greatest teachers.

Fourteen years later, she is a leading teacher at the Glowing Body and has participated as a mentor in all of the GBTT trainings. She was the first teacher to offer a Karma class at Glowing Body. She served as studio manager for 2 years and took ownership of the studio in April 2017. She organized a yoga and service trip to Haiti with support from the studio and community. She has taught many Beginner Series, Breath & Meditation Series, Practice Immersions, and facilitated the popular Mat Time workshops that explore advanced poses.

She is also an avid learner. Kim has completed coursework on the Yoga Sutras with Rod Stryker and meditation instruction with Sally Kempton. Kim has attended multiple intensives in anatomy, physiology and therapeutic application of yoga with Martin Kirk. She has most recently enjoyed mentorship from Christina Sell of Live the Light of Yoga School and Kelly Scott of Dragonfly Thai Yoga Studio. In September of 2018, she completed her training in massage therapy at Asheville School of Massage & Yoga.

With several thousand hours of classroom teaching and countless hours of personal practice balanced by intensive self-study, Kim brings an enthusiasm and confidence to teaching that is universal. She also brings a discriminating view to the practice and study of yoga. As a healthcare professional, she respects the efficacy of evidence based treatments and informed clinical judgment. She believes yoga offers tools to deal with the ups and downs of life, including illness and injury, though she believes there is a place for both modern medicine and complementary approaches.

Kim has said “I am the happiest with my teaching when I am regularly practicing.”  She approaches asana with both an awareness of alignment and love of the breath and movement in vinyasa. She sees many students who benefit from each approach. She has designed the GBTT to provide a balanced view of teaching yoga classes.

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Listen to Kim on the Insisterhood Podcast to learn more about her approach and Glowing Body Teacher Training.


Kelly Scott, LMT, RTT, NCBTMB Provider

Kelly’s massage education and study has been a journey of continuous unfolding to reach her authentic self. Having had the privilege of learning from many versatile and well seasoned teachers in Costa Rica, Thailand, Bali, France and the United States, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a cultural respect to her private practice and classrooms. Her unique style guides massage therapists and clients along the journey of healing chronic and acute pain.

Kelly’s approach, infused with Thai yoga, Dynamic Thai and Osteo-Thai principles, is an amazing blend of powerful bodywork, creative movement, and finely tuned compassionate intuition. An extremely valuable methodology for anyone interested in acquiring deeper insight into the vast complexity of body, mind, and spirit, this work has the natural ability to transform lives, to bring balance and well being for every body.

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Jill Frere, LOAY 800 hour

Jill was born in Knoxville TN. Her love of yoga first began in 2001 when she took some classes in college and read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda. After graduating from New York University in 2004, with a BFA in dance performance, she started taking classes at Dharma Yoga Center in NYC, where yoga became not just something that she enjoys, but a life long path.

Jill graduated from Dharma Yoga Center’s Life of a Yogi 200 hour teacher-training in 2005, the 500 hour training in 2010, and the 800 hr training in 2017. In NYC she taught yoga, senior yoga and other fitness classes at NYU, to private clients, and was performing in a variety of modern dance companies. Presently, Jill teaches yoga at Strang Senior Center, the Glowing Body, and to private clients. She also creates and performs modern dances with Go! Contemporary Dance Works and and other groups around Knoxville.

Jill feels grateful to Dharma Mittra for transmitting the knowledge of Hatha Raja Yoga, and to the Glowing Body for the opportunity to pass those teachings on.

‘Be Receptive’ to the supreme teacher within!” – Dharma Mittra


Jen Beyt Coffin, E-RYT

Jennifer Beyt Coffin loves yoga. You will see her passion when you work with her.

Yoga has been a transformative force in her life, which has helped her through tough times, taught her patience, and kept her physically fit and mostly sane for 20+ years.

Jen loves a good prop and some leverage in her yoga, so over the years she has honed her skills in using blocks, straps, chairs, bolsters, yoga wheels, and the ropes wall to refine her understanding of her practice and help her students lessen their learning curve.

She has studied with many of the greats in the yoga world, but considers her students to be her biggest influencers. Their ability to be humbled and challenged with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts is what inspires her to grow as a teacher. Jen’s goal is to encourage her students to find the therapeutic benefits of their practice through the use of leverage, be it vigorous or more passive, so that it may be a life long endeavor.

Gain insights that will encourage a lifetime of discovery and discover why #propsaretops with Jen in our teacher training program!

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Dr. Sarah Fields, PT, DPT, LMT, CYT

Marrying a passion for treating the whole person (not just symptoms) and a diverse skill set, Dr. Sarah loves to integrate her experience and expertise to develop a treatment plans that help her clients have lasting change and help them to lead productive lives. Along with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Dr. Sarah has certifications in yoga, massage therapy, and health coaching.

Dr. Sarah offers her diverse areas of expertise in her teacher training module, Yoga for Special Populations and Injury Prevention. Sarah guides trainees through techniques to improve the body’s response to stress and reducing chronic systemic inflammation, as well as addressing the common aches and pains that might affect yoga practitioners with limitations.

We include people like Dr. Sarah Fields, DPT, LMT, CYT so you can glean information from professionals who not only have the experience and are abreast of latest information that is relevant and practical, but are also part of our community.


Amberly Kelley-Dotson, RYT-500

Amberly has been teaching yoga since 2016 and has continued her study and education by attending multiple therapeutic and trauma-informed trainings. She is currently pursuing her 500-hour training through the American Viniyoga Institute, with hopes of becoming a certified yoga therapist. In 2019, she enrolled in a Holistic Mental Health Coaching program, and graduated from the Nickerson Institute in 2020. As a queer woman, she is passionate about inclusivity and accessibility and is always learning and growing.

Amberly approaches both yoga and life with a breath-centric approach, heavily influenced by Viniyoga, and the teachings of Gary Kraftsow, T.K.V Desikachar, and the Yoga Sutras. She views the body and mind as part of a holistic system, and addresses it as such.

Amberly is an attentive teacher and an inclusivity enthusiast who holds space for her students to explore whatever their practice may be calling for—be it emotional, physical or spiritual.

Learn how inclusivity can improve your yoga classes and your community in our teacher training program.


Marcy Braverman Goldstein, PhD

Marcy Braverman Goldstein, Ph.D. earned her doctoral degree in Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.   Marcy has taught at UC Riverside, Davidson College, UNC Charlotte, and the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice.  She is a core faculty member at Embodied Philosophy and is Coordinator of the Writing Mentorship for the Yoga Philosophy Certification.  

As founder and director of Sanskrit Revolution, Marcy teaches Sanskrit, yoga history, ethical speech, and philosophy at studios, schools, and festivals nationally.  She presents at professional conferences and has earned numerous fellowships and honors including the Professor Gerald James Larson Dissertation Award. Additionally, she participates in interfaith panels and offers diversity training at schools and corporations.  

Drawing from her academic background and 25 years of practicing yoga, Marcy creates classes that illuminate the language and culture of yoga, deepen people’s knowledge, sharpen critical thinking skills, and inspire personal and community growth.

In Glowing Body Teacher Training, Marcy teaches on the history and texts of yoga, illuminating the roots of yoga, tracking its passage into the West, and connecting the dots between past and modern approaches to practice.

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