The Glowing Body Teacher Training

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” – Bhagavad Gita

After running 9 teacher training programs over 7 years with different program directors, we have learned a thing or two. Or three. Or three million.

We are going to share three of the most important lessons:

(1) Not every program is for every person.

In an age of many, many, many teacher training programs, yoga classes on every corner and in between, studios popping up left and right, and all the other things that go with the commercialization of yoga, the choices can be overwhelming.

Choose wisely.

(2)  This is a big deal. A really big deal. For you and for the teacher.

Every curriculum has something to teach you and every program has some kind of focus. We suggest you find one that resonates with you. There are many different approaches to teaching yoga. Some say they are therapeutic, some say they are “hard”, some say they are energetic, some say they are the best.

We say we are balanced.

(3) The community is key.

            We have designed this program to utilize the expertise at the Glowing Body. We want to share this awesome place. We have learned local support from your teachers during this transformational process can be invaluable. Sometimes things come up outside of classroom hours. The program director and lead faculty as well as the mentors are available. Why?

We believe we wake up together.


Our Mission

We intend for our graduates to feel established in their personal practice and to feel confident teaching classes with the knowledge that they have a support system right here in their community.

We have studied with teachers who have taught 30 years, 40 years, and even 50 years and we believe you will develop your unique way of teaching with experience.  We respect the fact that yoga is, at its core, subjective.  Deep insight is revealed to an individual through sustained practice over a long time.

We are not training you to feel confident as a yoga therapy teacher, to be fluent in a specific method, or to comprehend all the subtle practices of yoga in their entirety. We have trainings coming on-line in the future that will explore therapeutics, deeper aspects of meditation and pranayama, and teaching special populations which will take your further along your path.

First and foremost we think graduates need to feel at home in their practice and feel comfortable stepping into the role of teacher, and that will be the foundation for developing expertise in your interest areas in years to come.

Choose Your Path

Our program spans up to 10 weekends and is designed to honor two paths:

1) Those who would like to deepen their understanding and practice, but may not be interested in teaching (Immersion)

(2) Those who want to learn yoga teaching skills (Teacher Training).

The first 6 weekends are the Immersion and the next 4 weekends will be the Teacher Training.


We often hear that people want to study and practice yoga more deeply, but they are not interested in teaching. We have designed the GBTT so you can do that.

The Immersion is great for any person interested in Yoga as a means to health and well-being. Whether your aim is to learn more about Yoga, to commit to consistent practice, or to eventually become a teacher, this Immersion is a launching point that will empower you to find YOUR practice while connecting you to longstanding educators in our community. Form unique bonds with your peers and enjoy the effects Yoga may have on your everyday life.

This Immersion will provide:
-overview of the historical roots of Yoga
-introduction to Ayurveda
-functional anatomy and physiology instruction
-experience with poses in both flow and alignment contexts
-inclusive philosophy and contemplative practice including meditation
-practical guidance in breathing techniques
-development of personal practice and self-study

Note: This Immersion alone does not meet all criteria for becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. This Immersion does count toward teacher certification when paired with Glowing Body Teacher Training. You do not have to plan to complete Teacher Training in order to complete this Immersion.

Teacher Training

Ready to teach? Those who have completed the Glowing Body Immersion will seamlessly transition into our Teacher Training. Participants will gain practical skills for sharing yoga with others. An intensive focus on teaching skills and methodology with ample practicum will prepare you to teach a broad student base, allowing you to tailor your teaching toward the populations you wish to serve.

This Teacher Training will provide:
-continued instruction in anatomy and physiology
-in depth asana studies
-progressive teaching techniques
-instruction in philosophical theme building
-teaching skills such as observation, verbal skills, demonstration, assistance, adaptation and more
-ample practicum opportunities
-business and ethics of teaching

Note: This Teacher Training alone does not meet all criteria for becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. This Teacher Training does count toward teacher certification when paired with Glowing Body Immersion. Any yoga teacher wishing to refresh or improve their teaching skills may participate.

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