The Glowing Body Teacher Training

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” – Bhagavad Gita


Our Philosophy

We built our program so that graduates will feel established in their personal practice first and foremost, so that confidence teaching classes comes through naturally.

We respect the fact that yoga is, at its core, subjective.  Deep insight is revealed to an individual through sustained practice over a long time. We hope to set you up for discernment and longevity in your practice.

Based on our experiences as participants in and leaders of yoga trainings, we offer some guiding suggestions as your consider our program:

(1) Not every program is for every person.

It is important to consider the pace, the style, the setting, and the tone of the training you select. While you may feel enthusiastic about completing training and want to begin as soon as possible, you will not regret selecting the program that best suits your goals and preferences. Our program explores tradition and history, but emphasizes critical thinking and innovation so that your yoga practice can feel authentically yours. We offer a curated studio environment conducive to comfort and focus. We provide ample props and supports for individualizing your experience – whether it be to increase or decrease challenge. And we offer lead faculty who have studied, practiced, and taught yoga professionally for many years.

(2) Community is key.

We have designed this program to utilize the expertise at the Glowing Body and the nearby area. We have learned that local support from your teachers during this transformational process can be invaluable. There is high quality information available to you readily online, but what it often lacks is a sense of place and time that links you to your neighbors, to the people you may bump into at the grocery store, or who may practice alongside you at the studio you love. In an era of globalization, our training helps to bring you back home.

Our Program Includes:

– overview of the historical roots of yoga
– modern considerations and context of common styles of yoga
– guided study of commonly referenced texts relating to yoga philosophy
– strong emphasis on development of personal practice and self-led study
– in-depth asana studies
– functional anatomy and physiology
– subtle anatomy and energetics
– exploration of both flow and alignment approaches
– contemplative practice and meditation techniques
– practical breathing techniques
– introduction to Ayurveda
– class design and sequencing
– refined teaching skills such as observation, verbal clarity, demonstration strategies, forms of assistance, adaptation and more
– considerations for teaching special populations
– fostering inclusion, accessibility, and diversity
– injury prevention and management
– teaching practicum and feedback
– business, ethics, and scope of practice for yoga teachers
– small group mentorship with select faculty

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