The Glowing Body Teacher Training

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” – Bhagavad Gita

Our Mission

First and foremost, we think graduates need to feel at home in their practice, and feel comfortable stepping into the role of teacher. We aim for our graduates to have a solid base from which to maintain a lifelong relationship with Yoga.

We believe – in a world full of trainings and certifications – it is most important to learn to be discerning and to think critically about your practice.

This program introduces you to the bigger picture of Yoga, and to the professionals in our community who have more to share than what you can glean in a weekly, drop-in class.

We do not believe that a one year certification is the only thing you need to be an established yoga teacher, but it is a structured place to begin, and will be the foundation from which you develop expertise in years to come.

Choose Your Path

Our program spans up to 10 weekends and is designed to honor two paths:

1) Those who would like to deepen their understanding and practice, but may not be interested in teaching (Immersion)

(2) Those who want to develop yoga teaching skills (Teacher Training).

The first 6 weekends are Immersion and the next 4 weekends are Teacher Training.


The Immersion is great for any person interested in Yoga as a means to health and well-being. Whether your aim is to learn more about Yoga, to commit to consistent practice, or to eventually become a teacher, this Immersion is a launching point that will empower you to find YOUR practice while connecting you to longstanding educators in our community. Form unique bonds with your peers and enjoy the effects Yoga may have on your everyday life.

Note: This Immersion alone does not meet all criteria for becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. This Immersion does count toward teacher certification when paired with Glowing Body Teacher Training. You do not have to plan to complete Teacher Training in order to complete this Immersion.

Teacher Training

Ready to teach? Those who have completed the Glowing Body Immersion will seamlessly transition into our Teacher Training. Participants will gain practical skills for sharing yoga with others. An intensive focus on teaching skills and methodology with ample practicum will prepare you to teach a broad student base, allowing you to tailor your teaching toward the populations you wish to serve.

Note: This Teacher Training alone does not meet all criteria for becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. This Teacher Training does count toward teacher certification when paired with Glowing Body Immersion. Any yoga teacher wishing to refresh or improve their teaching skills may participate.

Know which path you are on?



Listen to Kim on the Insisterhood Podcast to learn more about her approach and Glowing Body Teacher Training.


*This is a projected timeline. Specific weekends content is may differ from this outline, though all material listed will be covered in the course of training*


Weekend 1 – Foundations

Sun Salutations
Breath Basics
Bones & Muscles

Weekend 2 – Connection

Standing Poses
Yoga History & Modern Conversations
Yoga Sutras

Weekend 3 – Revolution

Twisting Poses
 Spine & Nervous System
Ayurveda: Lifestyle & Nutrition

Weekend 4 – Expansion

Backbending Poses
Chakras & Energy Anatomy

Weekend 5 – Reflection

Forward Folds
Bhagavad Gita
Mantra & Meditation

Weekend 6 – Freedom

Arm Balance/Inversions
Yoga Karunta
Closing Practices

Ready to Immerse yourself?



Teacher Training

Weekend 7 – Witness

Teaching Standing Poses
Sequencing Principles
Observation Skills

Weekend 8 – Direct

Teaching Backbending Poses
Theme Building
Verbal Skills

Weekend 9 – Refine

Teaching Twisting Poses
Assisting & Adjusting

Weekend 10 – Share

Teaching Folds/Inversions
Written & Practical Exam
Closing Ceremony

Ready to become a teacher?



Program Requirements

Attendance to all sessions is MANDATORY.

Only in extenuating circumstances will make up sessions be scheduled, at the expense of the participant. Make up sessions are not included in program tuition. It is strongly encouraged that absences be avoided.

Immersion Requirements

  • Logged Home Practice
    (At least 2 times per week during program)
  • Group Class Attendance
    (At least once per week during Immersion, included in tuition)
  • Outside Reading Assignments with Reading Guides
    (Average 4 hours per month)

Teacher Training Requirements

  • Class Plan Portfolio
  • Outside Reading Assignments with Reading Guides
    (Average 4 hours per month)
  • Teaching Practicum
    (Average 1 hour per week)

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