Health Policies & Procedures

Your Well Being is Our Business

We will make every effort to respect and protect the health of our students, clients, teachers, and staff. Given what we understand about current guidelines, these are our standing policies and procedures. They reflect our desire to do our part in preventing the spread of illness in our community.

Sanitation Protocols.

* We will disinfect common touch points before and after classes or therapy services including door handles, faucets and light switches.
* Floors will be mopped daily with disinfecting, nontoxic cleaners. We ask you remove your shoes before entering the classroom, and stow them in the shelving provided.
* Our lobby will not be available for use in order to minimize contact with hard to clean cloth surfaces.
* Deep cleaning of the entire studio will occur at least once per week.


Wear Face Coverings.

* Until further notice, all students and clients are required to wear a face covering while present in the studio for a class or therapy service. Please wear a mask when entering/exiting the studio and while in common areas.
* Don’t have one? We have custom made masks, handmade by Kim’s mom, for sale while supplies last.
* All of our staff will also be wearing masks and washing their hands in between each class and/or each service.


Book in Advance Online.

* Enjoy contactless registration and payment through MindBody by paying our drop-in rate or purchasing a class pass, including our new monthly passes. Note: some pricing options are not available through the MindBody app, so you may wish to sign up for your pass through a web browser to take advantage of the best deal.
* We will not accept cash. Booking ahead on the MindBody app or website is necessary and will be first come, first served.
* Walk ins accepted only if space allows, and if you can use your mobile device to complete payment before class begins.
* Doors will be locked once class begins, please arrive early!

Hand Hygiene in the Studio.

* Wash your hands, folks! Hand sanitizer will be readily available at our front desk and in the classroom.
* We encourage you to clean your hands when entering and exiting the studio, or anytime you handle your mask or otherwise touch your face.
* Entry and bathroom doors will be propped for touch-free entry and exit. We are installing touchless paper towel dispensers in the restrooms.



No Hands on Adjustments.

* For the time being, we are not offering hands-on assists to our students.
* Teachers will remain at the front of the classroom throughout the class.
* If you need to leave the classroom in the middle of class, please be conscientious of maintaining space between you and your fellow students.





Live Stream Options.

* We will continue live-streaming classes to provide access to those best served at home.
* Please refrain from coming to the studio if you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms, including frequent sneezing or coughing. In this case, live streaming will allow you to participate without sharing the air with other students.
* Access to live streamed classes is a perk of purchasing a class pass or unlimited monthly pass.
* The video frame will only focus on the instructor and not the students in the room. The instructor will use a mic, which will improve sound for those participating at home.

Social Distancing.

* We ask that you offer distance between yourself and others when entering and leaving the studio.
* Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for class. This means you can go directly into a clean room without gathering in the lobby.
* Feel free to chat outside on the deck with other students before or after class – socially distanced, of course 🙂
* If you have a pressing question to ask your teacher after class, by all means do, but feel free to contact instructors via email as well.


Limited Class Sizes.

* We have reduced class sizes to only 8 in person participants in order to ensure proper social distancing, and to provide better visibility of all students to the teacher while they instruct from the front of the room.
* Please sign up in advance using the MindBody app or our website to guarantee your spot!




Mat Placement & Air Circulation.

* We will provide marked locations in the studio for 8 feet spacing between students.
* We will operate out of the large studio only to provide the most space possible.
* We will take advantage of the ventilation system in that studio to move the air, including an independent HVAC system, and a ventilation fan which empties directly to the roof top, which will run throughout classes.




Bring Your Own Mat, Props & Water.

* Only bring in the items you need to practice. Your valuables may be stowed in the cubbies in the classroom, but please try to limit your footprint.
* Bring your own mat, water, and if you can, props. We will soon have props available for purchase so you may use your own during class, whether participating from home, or in the studio.
* If studio prop usage is absolutely required based on the teacher’s class plan, they will be set aside after class, and will not be immediately returned to the prop closet. We will wipe them down to disinfect, or launder, and keep out of circulation for 3 days.

1 Hour Between Classes.

* We have scheduled 1 hour between classes to give ourselves plenty of time to answer student questions and to clean the space.
* Our class times may be different from our old schedule to avoid having too many people in the studio at one time.
* We will appreciate your understanding of our limited schedule, and the small changes we may have to make along the way.
* Please check our website or the MindBody app frequently for schedule updates. If you are pre-registered, you will receive email notifications of class changes if you opted in to them.