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Allison began practicing yoga in 2006. She became a serious practitioner in 2012 after graduating from Maryville College and completed a 200-hour teacher training at Glowing Body in 2013 with Cindy Dollar. She is always ready to share her limitless enthusiasm about yoga and loves learning from each and every student. Allison blends Ashtanga vinyasa yoga with a focus on healthy alignment and encourages students to embrace the journey that is each asana. She feels that, as in life, the poses that challenge us the most are often our greatest teachers. Allison has studied Ashtanga yoga since 2013 and has studied with David Swenson, Jardana Peacock, David Garrigues, Greg Nardi, Kino MacGregor, and Taylor Hunt. She is also currently working on her 300-hour training in Asheville, NC.


Amanda is a licensed occupational therapist at UT Medical Center, and a certified yoga teacher. She began practicing yoga initially in 2006, but did not have a dedicated practice. During her graduate studies in occupational therapy, she began to learn more of the benefits of yoga for everybody, despite physical or cognitive challenges, and how yoga was being used in the therapy world. Learning about the incredible health benefits and accessibility of yoga increased and rejuvenated her practice. After moving back to Knoxville for clinical rotations in 2012, she began to develop her personal practice. In 2015, Amanda completed her 200 hour teacher training at Glowing Body with the knowledgeable & fantastic Cindy Dollar. Since completing teacher training, she has enjoyed teaching in a manner that meets people where they are with modifications, adaptations, and mindfulness to alignment and breath. Amanda believes yoga is for everyone and should be made accessible to everyone. As a teacher, she strives to combine her knowledge of anatomy and adaptability as an OT to the asanas. Amanda enjoys learning from everyone she encounters, both teachers and students, in order to deepen her yoga practice.


Having always been a lover of movement as meditation and healing, when Amberly was first exposed to yoga in her early 20s, she was hooked.  After several years of dedicated practice, she completed her 200-hour teacher training with Jessica Jollie at Yoga Landing in Chattanooga, TN and began teaching right away.  As a queer woman in Knoxville who has dedicated the majority of her adult life to working with people of different abilities, she is passionate about inclusion, accessibility, and trauma-awareness.  Amberly’s style of teaching invites the practitioner to find deep focus on the breath, and use this to explore their body, mind, heart, and spirit to fine tune awareness and find deeper understanding of the Self.  She has an educational background in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Recreation Therapy.  She is currently pursuing her 500 hour YTT at Asheville Yoga Center.

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Anita comes to us from Romania and has been living in Knoxville since 2010. She began with occasional classes at Glowing Body, overtime expanded her practice and completed Teacher Training in 2018 led by Kim Lomonaco. She is an avid learner and endlessly fascinated by the complexities of human movement. She has taken various workshops by Jen Coffin, Jules Mitchell and Trina Altman. Anita teaches from a skills based approach, breaking down poses into its components and offering students a progression of shapes to fit everyone’s needs. Her aim is to build mobility and strength in a safe and effective manner while cultivating an attitude of self-discovery and mindfulness.

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Ben Willis-Becker began practicing yoga in 1998 as a way to sustain his body for a career in the restaurant industry. Yoga started as a physical practice for him. It wasn’t until he started incorporating meditation and pranayama into his practice that it grew into a spiritual practice. Ben realized a long time goal of going deeper into his own practice when he completed the Glowing Body Teacher Training with Cindy Dollar in 2017. Cindy and Tammy Kaousias, former owner of Glowing Body, helped Ben embrace the full potential for yoga to open his heart through a consistent meditation and pranayama practice. His classes focus on opening one’s heart through a balance of asana, pranayama, and meditation.




Carol Ann, an east Tennessee native, began practicing yoga in 2001 while living in West Tennessee. After spending a few years following what limited yoga instructors were available in the area from gym to gym, she decided to pursue yoga teacher training and begin to train herself. From 2005-2009, she completed YogaFit 200 hour teacher training. Returning to Knoxville in 2009, Carol Ann found a yoga home and community at Glowing Body and completed an additional 200 hour teacher program in 2013 with Cindy Dollar. With a constant desire for learning, Carol Ann has completed training with Richard Rosen, Gabriel Halpern, Alison West, and Christina Sell. She is currently completing “Rockstar Teacher Training” online course with Sadie Nardini and has plans to begin a 1000 hour therapeutic teacher training with YogaFit.

Carol Ann has been teaching vinyasa since 2008, core vinyasa since 2013, and has recently expanded her teaching to include restorative yoga. Her influences are her initial teachers without whom she would have never experienced the mind, body, spirit connection and the immense benefits from yoga practice: Ave, Andrea, and Melissa; her mentors/teachers at Glowing Body: Kim, Jen Schappel, Philip, Jennifer Beyt Coffin, Sara Matayoshi, Sarah Fields, Judson, Amber, Allison, Stacy, Mariko, and Tammy; and BKS Iyengar, Cindy Dollar, Beth Shaw, Sadie Nardini, Christina Sell, Kino MacGregor, Richard Rosen, Gabriel Halpern, Alison West, and Judith Lasseter.

When she’s not practicing, teaching, or learning more about yoga, Carol Ann enjoys hiking, dog training and spending time with her dog Rosie, gardening, and her work with public health and student teaching.


Cheryl took her first yoga class in college while completing her Bachelor’s degree in theater at SUNY Stony Brook. She was looking for some stress relief and when she left her first class feeling both calm and alert, with a fresh perspective, she knew yoga would be a part of her life from then on. After years of on again off again practice and a move to the Midwest, Cheryl was working in a hectic retail environment. This led her to a more consistent yoga practice. She was inspired to become a teacher after the realization that her yoga practice had helped her create balance, strength, and peace in her life. She wanted to share this with others so she decided to become an RYT. After completing her 200 hr training in January of 2014, she was grateful to have had the opportunity to teach college students and faculty at the University of Missouri Recreation Complex in Columbia, Mo.

While Cheryl truly loves and enjoys being a teacher, she also loves and enjoys being a student. She has gained insight and inspired from many teachers including Leslie Kaminoff, Jennifer Beyt Coffin, Philip Clift, Meghan Currie and Kathryn Budig.

Cheryl’s classes include a focus on breath and body awareness, while conveying a sense of balance, peace and strength. Creating a sense of awareness to encourage positive change is one of her goals in teaching.

Having recently moved to Knoxville, Cheryl looks forward to teaching yoga in this beautiful and vibrant city!

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Claire is a native Knoxvillian who fell in love with the mindfulness of yoga during her 20+ years living in Memphis. A mother of four, her asana practice waxed and waned with the responsibilities of home and work, until she returned to Knoxville in 2008, and started practicing again in earnest to deepen her personal practice.

“Yoga is not a goal, it’s a practice” said one of her teachers. But, she needed a goal to deepen her practice, so in 2015 she completed yoga teacher training with Cindy Dollar through The Glowing Body.

Since then she has discovered a genuine love of teaching, of sharing what she has learned while continuing to learn through her students, other teachers and classes – through the practice.

She considers her classes to be mindful, balanced, beginner flows.


Emily began regularly practicing yoga in 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska. A few months later the owner of the studio approached her and said, “Have you thought about entering our teacher training program? You have a lovely practice and have already begun evangelizing yoga.” Without that prompt, Emily would have never considered teaching yoga, and the idea of “evangelizing yoga” struck her. Emily loves Jesus and desires to evangelize His love and grace. So in 2016 she entered Glowing Body’s Teacher Training program with that intent. To share love, grace, and gratitude for our intricately made bodies and souls. She graduated in April 2017 and is grateful that The Glowing Body allows a space for every background of practitioner and teacher.




Jennifer has a 20-year hatha yoga practice and draws her inspiration from a blend of the essential aspects of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Forrest, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga practices. Since teaching her first class 13 years ago, Jennifer has committed to make her classes welcoming, challenging, and safe.

It is Jennifer’s goal as a teacher to encourage you to find the therapeutic benefits of your practice, be it vigorous or more passive, so that it may be a life long endeavor. Her teachers include Sadie Nardini, Sean Johnson, Philip Clift, Doug Swenson, David Swenson, Stephanie Keach, Heather Tiddens and her son, Max.

She is certified as a Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga teacher by Sadie Nardini.

Video of Jennifer’s Yinyasa class is available here online at

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JESSICA BROTHERS, MS, CYT, Outreach Coordinator

Jessica began her journey with yoga in 2005. As a life-long competitive gymnast and athlete, she found that yoga met her need for a creative, mental, and physical challenge. After years of practice and recognizing all of the benefits of yoga on her whole person, she made the decision to deepen her study of all aspects of yoga and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training in 2016. In October 2016 she attended a weekend immersion in teaching children’s yoga. Jessica is a Master’s level clinician who specializes in trauma, attachment, and development and works with children and families in therapeutic foster care. Teaching yoga has allowed her to expand her passion of teaching, helping, and understanding others in a way that also provides a much needed outlet for self-care. It allows her to slow down, focus on others, and continue to learn and grow through sharing her love for all things yoga. Her classes focus on the importance of mindfulness, breath, and focus to find hidden strength, balance, and awareness of the potential of the whole self.

Interested in partnering with Glowing Body for your cause? Contact Jessica!


Jessica, a Knoxville native, has been practicing yoga on and off since high school. She suffered a shoulder injury in 2002 and after surgery and physical therapy was not finding relief. After returning to Knoxville for graduate school she became a serious practitioner in 2012 in order to heal her body and recuperate from her injury. Wanting to advance her yoga practice Jessica completed The Glowing Body Teacher Training in 2016 under Cindy Dollar. Jessica’s teaching style is geared toward helping relive pain in the body either from athletic or repetitive activities, strengthening the body, building lean muscle, and focusing the mind. In addition to teaching yoga, Jessica also holds a PhD in Anthropology and is a professor at Roane State Community College.

In addition to her group classes Jessica is happy to offer private sessions for students who would like to add a yoga practice geared toward their athletic activities.

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Jill was born in Knoxville, TN. Her love of yoga first began in 2001 when she took some classes in college and read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda. After graduating from New York University in 2004 with a BFA in dance performance, she started taking classes at Dharma Yoga Center in NYC, where yoga became not just something that she enjoys, but a life long path.

Jill is an RYT E-500, and a Dharma Yoga Registered Teacher at the 1000 hour level.  She lived in NYC for 10 years, where she loved creating and performing dances and studying and teaching yoga. When employed with Dances for a Variable Population, a company whose members’ ages ranged from 22 to 92, she discovered her love of working with seniors.

In 2010, Jill moved back to Knoxville, where she continues to share her passion at the Glowing Body, Lotus Light, and Strang Senior Center, as well as with private clients, Studio Arts for Dancers, and Go! Contemporary Dance Works. Jill is fervent about all aspects of yoga and weaves many different elements into each class, from breathing and meditation, to the philosophy and physical practice of yoga. Jill is currently developing a moving meditative practice called Moving Ground.

Jill feels grateful to Dharma Mittra for transmitting the knowledge of Hatha Raja Yoga.  “Be Receptive to the supreme teacher within!” – Dharma Mittra

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Joey started practicing yoga when he was seventeen in South Florida. What began as friends occasionally getting together on a dock or at the beach to flow became a grounding force during some of Joey’s most difficult times. He said “Yoga had always been fun and felt good, but it wasn’t until I faced difficult life transitions and a series of health complications in my early twenties that I learned its healing power.”

After yoga played a large role in healing in his life, he decided to do a 200 hour teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. He spent two months in India studying Hatha and Ashtanga methods, and traveling to learn about the origin of the practice. Joey believes practice connects us with our own bodies and the world around us. It is a place for us to show ourselves kindness, and in turn, have more to offer others. It is a place to feel strong and healthy and capable of taking on life’s challenges. Joey says, “Shit can get hard for everyone, but the tools of yoga have helped me immensely physically and mentally. I enjoy sharing them because I believe they can help others too.”


Judson began his yoga practice in 1998 under a group of Integral yogis in Georgia at the Athens Yoga Center during a search for a spiritual community. After waiting far too long, he did his teacher training under Stephanie Keach at the Asheville Yoga Center in 2007 and has loved every minute of teaching since then.

Judson’s teaching follows a few core tenets. It’s the same advice he gives every new student that comes in: (1) listen to your body — if it hurts, we’ll change it, (2) breathe when you need to breathe and take breaks when you need to take breaks, and (3) ask questions when you have them.  As your practice grows, your understanding of what it is to do those things changes — to listen, to breathe, and to ask questions.

Judson also encourages his students to remember that each of us has our own individual practice because we have our own individual needs and all our bodies are different. Also, we are practicing as a community, so we celebrate epiphanies and changes together.

You can read more at his website or on Facebook.



Kim has been teaching since 2007 and successfully completed two 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher trainings, as well as hundreds of hours of continuing education and independent study in the areas of anatomy/physiology, therapeutic application of yoga, philosophy, meditation, and more recently in Thai Yoga Massage with Kelly Scott, LMT, RTT here in Knoxville. She completed her training in massage therapy at Asheville School of Massage & Yoga in September, 2018 and practices Thai Yoga Massage with private clients.

Kim has taught at Glowing Body since the studio opened in 2008, served as studio manager for several years, and bought the studio along with Kelly Scott in 2017. Glowing Body has become an integral part of her development as a person and a professional, and she takes great pride in facilitating the continued success of the studio.

In addition to teaching Yoga, Kim holds a Master’s of Science degree and has worked as a Speech Language Pathologist in hospitals since 2010. Her experiences in healthcare connect her passion for holistic wellness with allopathic approaches, lending to a balanced understanding of how we may influence our health.

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Kristina Danielle has lived in Knoxville for 15 years and has been practicing yoga since 2004 as a way to work through trauma and mental illness. She completed her 200hr+ teacher training in 2008 at Asheville Yoga Center with Stephanie Keach and has been teaching all over the Southeast ever since. As a black queer woman, Kristina hopes to make yoga accessible and comfortable for people of color and the LGBTQ community. Kristina’s focus as a yoga instructor is to help people process their emotions through intentional movement and the movement arts. As a community activist, Kristina hopes to combine yoga and activism, to help people in ostracized communities feel comfortable in their own bodies and minds. With a background in dance and years of vinyasa practice, you can expect a fun, high pace class set to hip hop, soul, and R & B tunes.


Suzanne found the true value of yoga while searching for relief from severe back pain.   She discovered the healing and strengthening aspects of yoga to be clearly evident. The results were so amazing that she felt drawn to become a yoga instructor in order to share the beauty and healing power of the asanas to help others explore yoga’s curative benefits for themselves.   The stars aligned and Suzanne found the teacher’s training course and her yoga home at the Glowing Body in 2015. After graduating from the program, Suzanne was thrilled to start teaching at the Glowing Body in 2016.

Her teaching style focuses on deep breathing paired with flowing body movements to help anyone move more gracefully through BKS Iyengar’s principles of alignment.  Her desire is to help students to better understand and develop their own proprioception as well as fulfill their personal yoga goals.

Suzanne enjoys incorporating her musical background into her yoga practice by creating soundscapes that evoke desired feelings and moods in her yoga classes.  She believes in the power of rhythm to move your body, sooth your soul, find your spiritual center and connect to your breath for a deeper yogic experience.

Suzanne has a background as a dancer, classical pianist, holds a BS in Communications, School of Broadcasting from University of Tennessee; she has worked in advertising, owned & operated Suzi’s Groovy Garden in Bearden and worked as a Realtor in Knoxville. She enjoys gardening, growing and cooking healthy food, loving her two black dogs and riding her motorcycle with her husband and friends as much as humanly possible