MindBody Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand that in changing our system there will be a learning curve. We are committed to making sure you are comfortable with using this platform and with your access to our services. We appreciate your patience and your willingness to contact us with any questions or concerns, so we may address them on an individual basis as we go through this transition.

Class Card Credit

If you had a class card balance before our studio pause, your credit may now be applied toward any pass or service through your MindBody account. Moving forward, all students and clients must create an account in order to register for classes and to process future payments. This is completely free, and is a one time step. We can also complete this process for you via phone.

When we made the switch to MindBody as our point of sale system, your class card was transferred into the new system as funds in an account (credit) under your name. When you create your own MindBody log in, we have to merge your self-created account with the one imported from our old system. We apologize for the inconvenience of this additional step. We then need to create a new class pass and apply your credit to that “purchase”. This simply redirects your credit to a class pass within the new MindBody system.

For those who had only a few classes remaining on a pass, we recognize creating a new pass would mean you are required to provide additional payment in order supplement the balance from your original pass. We are happy to create a modified pass, based on your remaining balance, if you do not wish to add additional classes at this time. However, it requires action on our end, so please email us to request.

MindBody will notify you of your credit when you enter the check out window (i.e. you must add a pass to your cart and proceed to checkout), and you may elect to use your credit to pay or not. If you would like to know what your account balance is, please feel free to call the studio during business hours – 865-545-4088 – or email us anytime.

For example, if you have $264.00 in credit in your account, and you want a 10 Class pass that costs $150. You will use $150 of your credit to put towards this class card & still have $114 to purchase with later. 

An advantage to you in this process is that you are not limited to your prior credit being applied to a certain pass. You may use this credit for purchasing single classes, monthly passes, massage therapy sessions, or retail items. We are offering a variety of pricing options for classes, including new monthly unlimited passes. You may pay drop in rates for in person classes or virtual live stream classes, combine in person experiences with live stream options in a monthly pass, and/or access our recorded class library with a weekly or monthly pass. If you encounter difficulty accessing your credit, please contact info@glowingbody.net so we can assist in the process.

Another advantage is that once your new pass is created, your pass expiration is based on the date of that new pass creation, effectively extending any previous pass expiration that may have passed during our closure.

All prepaid packages of classes are non-refundable, regardless of class attendance. Please review package expiration prior to purchase. Once a class pass has been created, you may not later transfer those funds to a different service. Transfer of package balances to another individual may be allowed at the sole discretion of The Glowing Body.



Creating a MindBody Account

In order to make a a new purchase and/or to reapply your available credit, you will first need to create an account in MindBody

Start Your Account 

  • Enter your email address.

Contact & Account Information

  • Enter your contact information 
  • Choose your password and select your contact preferences – email or text.

Billing Information

  • Enter Your billing information.

  • Review our cancellation policies.


Make a Purchase

Purchasing on a Web Browser

  • Click on the Online Store Tab in the navigation bar.

  • Select the appropriate sub navigation option. To purchase single classes, traditional class passes, massage, individualized yoga sessions, or a single month unlimited pass, select “Series and Memberships”. For instructions for purchasing a recorded class library pass, or an Unlimited Month Pass with automatic monthly payments, scroll further down.

Choose In Person Classes from the pull down menu under Series and Memberships to access single class purchases, traditional class pass options, or a single month unlimited pass.

Select your choice for class pass purchase and then check out. 

For a single virtual class purchase only, select Virtual Classes from the pull down menu. 

  • Virtual classes can only be purchased as single classes unless you buy a class card or an unlimited monthly pass which includes in person classes AND live stream classes (see screen above).

For a Recorded Class Monthly Pass, select Recorded Classes from the pull down menu.

For an unlimited monthly pass with automatic payments each month, select the Unlimited In Person/Live Stream Monthly from the pull down menu.

  • One simple transaction per month provides unlimited in person AND online live stream class access for a whole month.

  • $109 – Auto Draft Monthly, 6 Month Contract, No Auto Renewal.
    *This pass is not purchasable on the app. Only on a web browser

  • May add on access to our Pre-Recorded Library for an additional $20 per month.


Making a Purchase on the MindBody App

  • Select View Pricing on the main screen.


  • Select In Person or Virtual classes.


  • Select the pass you want to purchase.

  • *Note, MindBody does not offer the option to purchase an unlimited monthly pass through the app, it must be done on a web browser.*


  • You’ll be prompted for credit card information.


Reserving a Spot in Class

Once you’ve created an account and chosen an option for a class pass, then it’s time to reserve a spot in your favorite class!

Reserving on a Web Browser

  • Click on the Weekly Classes tab to access the available class schedule.
  • Click the Sign Up Now button. 
  • You’ll be prompted to reserve a single reservation or to make a recurring reservation.

Reserving on the MindBody App

  • Find The Glowing Body in the app.


  • Choose View Schedule 


  • Click on the Book button