Parking Information

As you may have noticed, things are changing in the neighborhood rapidly. Yeehaw Brewing is opening across the street on Thursday, February 2nd, and our building owners have had to level up to meet the parking demands that will be a new part of doing business here.

As with all changes, there will be an adjustment period. We appreciate your patience as we work through this transition, and we will do everything we can to assist you in continuing to access our free parking when you visit us.

SP Plus Parking will manage the parking lot for our building, and parking registration will now be required. The parking managers will do their very best to make this change as smooth as they can for us.

Be aware that, although patrons of businesses in our building can use our business codes for free parking in our lot, it does not guarantee parking spots will be available. Our lot is now a pay parking lot, just like you might find downtown, which is also available to those willing to pay.

Please think ahead when coming in for a class or massage, and give yourself time for parking. If you live nearby, you might consider walking, biking, or riding with a friend. If you cannot park in the lot, there are street parking options in the neighborhood. Please be mindful if you are using a lot that is not ours, as towing may be enforced.


Read on to get step-by-step instructions on how to register through the, and set yourself up for taking advantage of continued free parking seamlessly while visiting our studio.


1. Create an Account on

You can do this by downloading the app or visiting their web site.

We recommend setting up an account at your convenience before coming to the studio. Make sure to enter your vehicle and payment information under your account settings, so that you will not have to input them when you arrive.

You may also do it on the spot when you arrive, but anticipate that taking a few minutes to complete.


2. When you arrive, use the app and enter our lot number, or scan the QR code posted on signs at the lot.

Our lot number is 08721.

3. Your license plate number is required and will be used by the company to monitor who is entitled to free parking, or who has paid for parking.

Enter your plate number when prompted, if you haven’t set up your vehicle in your account in advance.

4. Select your time allotment.

We recommend you select 2 hours, which is the maximum time currently allotted for free parking for those coming for our regular classes or massage. Special arrangements will be made for longer workshops and courses. 

5. Add our promo code to reduce your charge to zero. Make sure to complete the purchase to ensure your parking spot is properly reserved. You should receive a confirmation once your registration is complete.

You can get the code when you come into the studio. The code will be changed periodically to reduce the possibility of misuse and to more readily ensure there is parking available when you need it.  

Please only use this code while in our building, and do not share it with others who may be visiting nearby businesses.