Pay Practice Forward Scholarship

In light of recent events, we realize a large portion of our community finds themselves making tough choices in the way they lead their lives. Whether social distancing, cutting expenses, or finding new ways to make a living, there is a collective burden we are all experiencing.

We have been the grateful recipients of generous support from our students and clients and we wish to pay that forward. For every $20 in donations we receive, we will provide one scholarship subscription to our online yoga classes.

Donations may be made as one time gifts, or you may enroll in auto-drafted, weekly donations of $5. If you would like to contribute to Pay Practice Forward, learn more here.


How the scholarship works:

If you wish to receive a scholarship, you must complete the application provided. This is an honor-based program, and though we will gather basic information for our records, your identity will remain private unless you express a desire to share your experience as a recipient.

Each scholarship will provide recipients one month of unlimited access to our online class library. You will be able to participate in live stream classes, and/or recorded classes. Renewal of the scholarship for more than one term will be decided on a case-by-case basis.



    By completing this application, you certify you are currently unable to afford our standard instructional fees.