Abdominal Thai Yoga Massage Techniques


September 5-6, 2020
Saturday & Sunday, 9am-5:30pm 

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A very delicate touch is needed to manipulate the belly to facilitate detoxification during the practice of traditional Thai Massage.  The belly is described as  “The Center of the Universe”, and by freeing the structures of the belly, we also free the function of our organs and digestive system.  This course highlights the organs, ligaments of the belly, and connective tissue.  This course includes techniques especially helpful for those with digestive disorders, low back conditions, sacroiliac joint pain and shoulder pain.

15 CEs






Kelly’s education and study has been a journey of continuous unfolding to reach her authentic self, with a focus on Thai yoga massage, Dynamic Thai and Osteo-Thai. Having the privilege of learning from many versatile and well seasoned teachers in Costa Rica, Thailand, Bali, France and the United States, she brings to her private practice and classrooms.

Kelly’s approach infused with Thai yoga and Osteo-Thai principals is an amazing blend of powerful bodywork, creative movement, and a well seasoned compassionate intuition. An extremely valuable methodology for anyone interested in acquiring deeper insight into the vast complexity of body, mind, and spirit. This work has the natural ability to transform lives, to bring balance and well being for everybody.

Her work assist in the healing journey of chronic, acute pain and emotional release trapped in the body.

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