Deep Rest: Restorative Yoga with Siobhan McAuley


Workshop is limited to 6 students.
March session sold out. April now available.

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We all crave time and space to ourselves but we often fail to prioritize it. Yet, to create anything new in our lives requires space.

Every month we come together as a community to practice DEEP REST as a way of making space in our lives for the unknown that is longing to be made known through us. We prop ourselves up with bolsters and blankets, covering our eyes to shut out the constant distractions of our daily lives and we rest. Our egos may resist, defending the need to be defined by how productive we are but we know, having made the commitment to practice, that it’s not our egos that call for rest. It is our bodies and our souls that long for the time and space to just be so that who we might become can emerge.
Benefits of time spent dedicated to DEEP REST ~

* Nourishes our nervous system enabling us to be more responsive and less reactive mentally and emotionally
* Grounds us in the present creating the space and perspective needed to disentangle the narratives of our past that keep us stuck in a cycle of suffering
* Soothes the ego’s constant quest for more by anchoring our acknowledgement of what already is
* Cultivates a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for our bodies and who we are right now without needing to change anything
* Creates the much needed time and space for new ideas, possibilities and dreams to emerge effortlessly by reconnecting us to the magic of life

Each workshop is unique focusing on different aspects of how to apply the practice to our daily lives with the aim of supporting students in sustaining their rest practice between monthly workshops. Limited to 6 students. No previous yoga experience required.


About Siobhan:
Siobhan McAuley has been teaching yoga since 1997 specializing in how to use the practice and our bodies as guides in our healing journey. She is the creator of a multi-dimensional framework called The Process and the co-Founder of The Meaning Maker Collective which creates opportunities to explore, experiment with, and express what is most meaningful in our lives and work. Learn more at


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