Farewell 2017: Mat Time with Kim Lomonaco, ERYT


Sunday, December 31st, 9:00am-12:00pm



Redefine your time on your mat.

Join a special year-end practice to honor the course of your life in 2017. Invite continued growth for 2018 with intention setting, and dynamic asana practice, while in good company.

This course follows the popular format of Mat Time: for dedicated students or yoga teachers who want to deepen their practice by working on intermediate to advanced postures but are not sure where to begin. This extended group practice will provide a community of yoga enthusiasts to inspire you and urge you onward.

Practicing alongside you, Kim will provide supportive instruction on optimizing alignment in order to access the poses presented; variations and preparations for deeper poses will also be provided. Adequate time will be taken to “try out” new or difficult poses. Sharing your own unique experience with and approaches to postures will be encouraged. Silent, seated meditation will be built into the end of class following a long savasana.

A high level of self-awareness on the part of the student is required, as not all poses will be appropriate for all participants.