Yoga from the Inside Out: Revealing The Truth Self


Saturday, April 25th, 1-5 pm

Please bring a journal to each session.

Please review our cancellation policy.

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This is a donation based workshop. Suggested donation $40-$80.



Yoga From The Inside Out: Revealing The Truth Self

Step into a new level of self-awareness and connect with what matters most to you.

At times we reach a crossroads in our lives when we no longer know who we are, what we want, or why. If left unattended to, this disconnection can create a cascading ripple effect throughout our lives, leaving us feeling isolated, alone, and often paralyzed with indecision as our fear of facing the difficult truth grows. This practice offers a safe refuge from the instability of our thoughts and emotions, giving us a solid ground to land on by reconnecting to our true Self through our body.

In this workshop, students will attune themselves to the subtle ways their bodies communicate and how they experience disconnection in their lives, and cultivate the trust needed for grounded presence that they can access any time. Using basic movement, breath, and rest practices combined with journaling, reflection, and insight sharing, students will come away with a felt-sense knowing of who they are, what matters most to them, and what they are being called to do in their lives.

Benefits of this workshop include:

* Developing the felt-sense awareness of knowing when we’re grounded and present or when we’re disconnected
* Nourishing the parasympathetic nervous system which reduces anxiety, improves sleep and supports digestion
* Enhancing our ability to respond to ourselves and others with compassion and kindness
* Cultivating the courage to say what we need to say, be who we know we must and to align our actions with what we find most meaningful
* Offering the space for us to step into a new way of being so we can create what our soul longs for

This workshop is a part of the Yoga From The Inside Out series.

No pre-requisite or previous yoga experience required. Bring a journal.

Suggested Donation: $40-80



Siobhan McAuley has been teaching yoga since 1997 specializing in how to use the practice and our bodies as guides in our healing journey. She is the creator of a multi-dimensional framework called The Process and the co-Founder of The Meaning Maker Collective which creates opportunities to explore, experiment with, and express what is most meaningful in our lives and work. Learn more at


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