Yoga Through the Ages & Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga


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Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga

Ever wondered what your teacher is saying in Sanskrit? Would you like to pronounce Sanskrit words confidently? Do you know what “natarajasana” means? This workshop will demystify pronunciations, spellings, definitions, and deeper meanings of terms that you hear, say, read, and sing. You will learn fascinating things about the power of sound by exploring the language of yoga. Enhance your practice (and, if applicable, professionalize your teaching)! For new students thru lead instructors. :: CEUs for RYTs ::

*Fee includes 8-page handout & audio-recording of the class chanting Sanskrit letters.

Yoga Through the Ages

What are the oldest poses and which ones were made up yesterday?
Was the Buddha a yogi?
When did asana practice reach the US?
To what extent are our received stories about yoga history romanticized “alternative fact”?

This workshop will explore these questions and more in a whirlwind tour of texts, teachers, and traditions from 2500 B.C.E. to the ever-changing modern moment. You will gain new ways to think through the (mis/dis)information about yoga and other unfolding personal and community histories.

*Fee includes 4500-year timeline and a list of recommended books, articles, videos, and films on the topic.

About Marcy:

Marcy Braverman Goldstein, Ph.D. received doctoral training at University of California, Santa Barbara and in India, and has taught at UNC Charlotte, Davidson College, and The Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice at Queens University of Charlotte. As founder of Sanskrit Revolution, Marcy teaches Sanskrit, yogic speech, history, and philosophy at studios and festivals nationally. Drawing from her academic background and twenty-five years of practicing yoga, she creates classes that illuminate the language and culture of yoga, deepen people’s knowledge, and inspire personal growth.




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