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Therapeutic Table Massage | Integrated Table Massage 

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Thai & Table Massage Rates

  • 60 Minute Massage – $120
  • 90 Minute Massage – $160
  • 120 Minute Massage – $190

Thai/Osteo Thai Massage

Thai Massage is offered on a mat on the floor. The receiver wears comfortable clothing that they can move easily in. Thai yoga massage incorporates many yoga postures like forward bends, back bends, spinal twists, cobra, locust, and more. In addition to yoga’s influence on this modality, Osteopathy principles are blended with the Thai dynamic and static techniques. This hybrid offers the sustained pressure work and acupressure of Thai Yoga and the release of tissue tension and more precise work on structural and joint mobility coming from Osteopathy roots. The overall goal is to improve joint mobility, restore and support vitality and ease of movement, and connect compassionately.





Thai on the Table

This is an innovative approach that bridges the Eastern and Western worlds of massage and bodywork. There is no undressing, no oils, and no draping required.  This way, the Thai therapist has more freedom to move the client freely without concern for draping. The receiver gains the benefits of stretching, rocking, and rhythmic compression, the same as on the mat on the floor, with just a few modifications.  





Thai Abdominal Massage

The Abdominals Massage sessions involve using a gentle, soft, and deep touch to the abdomen. This is a powerful method that works with the major systems of the body: breath, vascular, lymphatic, nervous, fascia/tendon/muscle, and sen lines. 






Thai Massage for Sports Conditioning & Injury

Athletes are prone to fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and injury during
training. The stress endured by the body during intense exercise
causes muscles to tighten and results in the restriction the flow of 
blood, oxygen, lymphatic fluid, and other vital energy necessary to
 maintain the joint mobility, range of motion, healthy nerve function and body-wide flexibility essential for optimal performance. 
Thai Sports Massage combines assisted stretches and various 
techniques to treat injuries and improve an athlete’s range of motion.
 A specific area of the body or a particular muscle group is generally
 focused upon in Sports Massage while Thai Massage includes
 gradual stretching of the whole body promoting relaxation in the
patient. Thai Massage begins with pressure application to specific
 points on the body that opens channels called meridians. Stagnant 
energy is able to shift, thus improving the flow of energy throughout 
the body. Next, dynamic stretches are performed on many muscles,

These deeper, multi-planar stretches prepare the athlete’s muscles
 better for everyday activities than stretches that are isolating or uni-

Thai Sports Massage is a modality combination that brings the client
to the rest and restore state of relaxation while targeted techniques
 are performed to enable tension release, to promote recovery and to 
prevent injury. The energizing and invigorating effects of Thai Sports
 Massage bring mental and physical restoration which is why many
 choose to receive it before and after vigorous exercise. Greater
 flexibility and boosted circulation both reduce the risk of spraining a
 muscle and stretching or tearing tendons and ligaments.
 Thai Sports Massage bodywork is effective in treatment for sciatica, 
arthritis, spasticity disorders, neuropathies, scoliosis and post joint 
surgery rehabilitation. Patients should consume plenty of water prior to 
receiving and following therapy.



Thai Massage for Pregnancy

An entire Thai Yoga treatment can be performed in a side lying position with a large bolster for the legs and arms. The side lying position gives full access to the sacrum, the lower back, the major sets of back lines, the scapulae, and the shoulders and neck.  Broad pressure is applied to safe areas of the body using the compresses as extensions of the hands.  Session time is kept short, usually about one hour, and massage is generally not performed in the first few months of pregnancy. 

Postpartum herbal compresses may be used to minimize scars, to help the uterus contract, to draw out excess fluids from the mother’s body and to relieve swollen breasts. 



Thai Child & Adolescent Massage

Calming, soothing touch for growing bodies that require special care.

Thai yoga is a form of touch therapy that has proven to be a major stress reducer for children and adolescents. Children and adolescents experience their own, every-day exposure to stress. School demands, family stressors, sports, and peer interactions, can all lead to significant stress.

The benefits of massage therapy in children and teenagers are well documented, and include:

  • Calming the Nervous System
  • Strengthening the Immune System
  • Increased Focus
  • Relief of Muscle Tension
  • Decrease of Stress Hormones (Cortisol, Adrenaline) 
  • Increase of Dopamine & Serotonin
  • Improved Sleep patterns
  • Improved Posture
  • Improved Circulation
  • Increased Well-Being
  • Decreased Depression & Anxiety
  • Decreased ADHD Symptoms
  • Education on Anatomy
  • Mind Body connection
  • Building awareness and consciousness 

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Partner Thai Yoga-
2 hour Individualized Sessions for Two

Partner Thai Yoga is compassionate touch, giving energy back when one is depleted, is the most loving act.  

Your therapist will teach you techniques that are easy to apply on each other, based on your common aches and pains.  This is a fun, playful, and innovative way to spend time together, developing lasting skills, as well as a strong self-care program you can do from home.



Thai Yoga for Yogi’s and Yoga Teachers

Sessions are Individualized utilizing Yoga and Thai techniques to assist in going deeper.  Sometimes this means you need to come out of the stretch just enough to allow the blossoming of the breath to happen. Breath is Life!  Learn bone stacking and feel the power of the skeletal system.  Feel the pulley system through the ligaments, always acting on balance and counterbalance. Props maybe used, as well as hands, feet and knees for assistance.  Feel the power within!

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Table Massage Rates

  • 30 Minute Massage – $60
  • 60 Minute Massage – $120
  • 90 Minute Massage – $160
  • 120 Minute Massage – $190

Therapeutic Table Massage

A therapeutic massage means you present to the therapist with a specific complaint. For instance: pain in your hip, tight shoulders, or a spasm in your lower back (or even all three). If you are looking for stress relief, light to deep tissue techniques, or relaxation, just tell your therapist. Each session is customized to your needs.



Integrated Table Massage

This massage uses all of the therapists training and tools to create a customized treatment. This would include a combination of myofascial work, hot stones, hot towels, cold stones, aromatherapy, Thai stretching, cupping, abdominal work, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy. These tools and techniques are used as needed so be sure to inform your therapists of any technique preferences you may have.