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We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early to ensure a spot.

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TimeClassTeacher Rate
8:00-9:00amSlow FlowJillKarma
9:30-11:00amRopes Wall YogaJen C.$20 or Class Card
10:00-11:00amYoga for 50+Jill$15/$12 Senior Rate (65+)
or Class Card
11:00-11:30amBreath & MeditationJillKarma
12:10-1:00pmPower LunchJill$10 or Class Card
5:15-6:15pmYoga BasicsClaire$15 or Class Card
6:15-7:30pmHot Power FlowJessica B.Karma
6:30-7:30pmYinyasaEmily H.$15 or Class Card
7:45-8:45pmRestorative YogaCarolAnnKarma
Limit of 10 Students
7:45-8:45pmAlignment YogaEmily P.Karma

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TimeClassTeacher Rate
6:30-7:30amPower FlowAllison$15 or Class Card
9:30-10:30amYoga BasicsJill$15 or Class Card
10:00-11:15amSlow FlowBen$17 or Class Card
12:10-1:00pmSlow Flow LunchSuzanne$10 or Class Card
4:00-5:15pmPower FlowBenKarma
5:15-6:15pmYinyasa YogaNora$15 or Class Card
6:00-7:30pmAlignment YogaJudson$20 or Class Card
6:30-7:45pmHot Power FlowKim$17 or Class Card
7:45-8:45pmSlow FlowCherylKarma
8:00-9:00pmRestorative YogaShelaghKarma

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TimeClassTeacher Rate
8:00-9:00amSlow FlowJillKarma
10:45-11:45amRopes Wall BasicsJen C.$15 or Class Card
12:10-1:00pmPower LunchJill$10 or Class Card
5:15-6:15pmPower FlowParker$15 or Class Card
6:00-7:30pmYin YogaJen C.$20 or Class Card
6:30-7:30pmYoga Basics
Not open for drop-in students in January. Returns February 5th!
Kim$15 or Class Card
Slow FlowAmberlyKarma
7:45-8:45pmPower FlowKristinaKarma

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TimeClassTeacher Rate
9:00-10:15amWheel YogaJen C.$17 or Class Card
10:00-11:00amYoga for 50+Jill$15/$12 Senior Rate (65+)
or Class Card
10:30-11:45amAlignment YogaBen$17 or Class Card
11:00-11:30amYoga NidraJill
12:10-1:00pmAlignment LunchAnita$10 or Class Card
5:15-6:15pmRopes Wall BasicsJen C.
$15 or Class Card
Limited to 12 Students
6:00-7:30pmSlow FlowBenKarma
6:30-8:00pmAlignment YogaKim$20 or Class Card
7:45-9:15pmHot Power YogaJessica B.Karma

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TimeClassTeacher Rate
9:30-10:30amYoga BasicsSuzanne$15 or Class Card
10:00-11:15amHot Power Flow
Begins January 10
Joey JenningsKarma
12:10-1:00pmSlow Flow LunchAmberly$10 or Class Card
5:15-6:15pmYin YogaAmberlyKarma
6:00-7:30pmAlignment Yoga JudsonKarma

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TimeClassTeacher Rate
9:00-10:30amYinyasaJen C.$20 or Class Card
10:45am-12:00pmHot Power FlowEmily H.$17 or Class Card

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TimeClassTeacher Rate
10:00-11:15amHot Power FlowJessica B.Karma
1:00-2:15pmSlow FlowJessica D.C.Karma
3:00-4:15pmIntro to Power FlowCherylKarma
5:00-6:15pmAlignment YogaNoraKarma

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