Sound Immersion Sessions

Individual and small group sound bath and Reiki healing sessions.

Aligning your chakras with energy, vibration and sound will lend to a more balanced nervous system allowing you relax to fully into your body and be in the present moment.

In a session you will experience:

  • Reiki energy alignment
  • Crystal Sound Bowls
  • Drumming
  • Native American flute
  • Hand pan

Private individual or group sessions are available. Welcoming together family, couples, and tribe to align and balance through sound creating a more harmonious connection to self and others.

Sessions can accommodate 1-7 people for 1-2 hours.

Email for pricing.


About Derek Helvey

Practicing Shaman, Reiki master/teacher, crystal energy guide, and sound healer, Derek loves to combine the modalities of sound vibration, crystals and energy healing to facilitate a more balanced state of being.

His goal is to help you to feel aligned in mind, body, and spirit, so you can experience more joy and peace in everyday life.