Class Styles

Disclaimer: Yoga is not a substitute for medical treatments. None of the suggestions that will be offered are intended to replace any medical recommendations made by your medical providers. Yoga teachers do not diagnose conditions and are not qualified to diagnose conditions. The practices offered are intended to be used as a complement to other modalities, including medical treatment.

Align & Refine Yoga

An alignment and philosophy-based approach to yoga.

Align & Refine offers varied perspectives of alignment aimed at developing strength and flexibility of body, mind, and spirit. Students can expect both anatomical detail and thematic offerings which may be carried into intentional living off the mat. Interaction and personalization is encouraged throughout class, providing a highly supportive environment for refining your relationship to yourself and  your habits. This class is suitable for students with consistent yoga practice. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Breathe & Flow

Part breath awareness, part all levels flow.

Breath observation and creating space in the body with the help of the breath will be the focus of the first portion of class. During the next portion of class we will work through a gentle transition of postures which will lead us to an all levels flow. Flows will vary each class, but will include a focus on spinal movement and linking breath with movement. The breath awareness portion of class will be about 10 minutes long, followed by the all levels flow, and concluding with savasana. This class will have modifications offered and all levels are welcome! 1 hour.

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

Dissolve obstacles that are are blocking you from experiencing the full flow of of your practice!

Core Strength Vinyasa YogaTM is a creative style of Hatha Yoga which blends the principles of Hatha Yoga and a set of physical and energetic alignment principles. Developed by Sadie Nardini, this method is a totally new idea of the practice, one that will cause more weight loss, toning & true core strength.

Get more benefit in less time by drawing inward to seek, and find, your inner strength! Break the habit of moving only from the outer body and loading layers of tension onto yourself. You will discover how to use your Deep Core Lines along the skeleton to make all of your poses more possible as you keep your body healthy for years of yoga to come. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Curvy Yoga for All

This class is structured for those with some limited mobility and abundant bodies.

If you have never hear of the term Curvy Yoga for All , think of it as a new approachable practice that will liberate not only your body, but also how you think of your body.  The sequences are slower to allow each student to be able to transition safely from pose to pose for their body.

Learn how to adapt poses for those with abundant bodies so that you will be able to create a cease fire zone on your mat from negative mind talk. Discover new transitions from pose to pose that will help to create a more peaceful practice on your mat and within the mind

If you never thought yoga was for you, we invite you to check out this fun class. You  may leave class not only feeling better in your body but feeling better about your body too!

Dharma Beginner Yoga

This is the beginning level of the Dharma Yoga series.

Dharma Yoga is a classical form of Hatha Raja Yoga. The beginner class is a simple yet powerful series of balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and mild inverted postures to get you going, concluding with a guided relaxation, breathing and meditation. Based on Dharma levels Gentle and I. 1 hour 15 minutes.

Dharma Intermediate Yoga

This is the intermediate level of the Dharma Yoga series.

Dharma Yoga is a classical form of Hatha Raja Yoga. The intermediate class is designed for those wishing to advance in posture practice and dive deeper into traditional yoga as a whole system. It will support the entire body through a series of balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting, inverted postures including techniques for learning the Headstand. This practice finishes with a deep relaxation, breathing and meditation. Based on Dharma levels II and III. 1 hour 15 minutes

Flow & Restore

Expect an “Aaahhhh” moment, leaving you relaxed, renewed… restored!
The first half of this all-level class will awaken your body with vigorous flows. The second half will slow things down as we transition to a restorative practice. With warm muscles, your body is prepared to experience longer supported holds, designed to deeply stretch, open, and calm. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Hot Power Yoga

Tone your body, sharpen your mind, and push your limits.

Based on the Vinyasa system of Hatha yoga developed by K. Pattabhi Jois (one of the founders of modern yoga), this class traditionally begins with Sun Salutations and follows sequencing similar to that of the Primary Series; inversions are often practiced class. An understanding of basic yoga poses is recommended – especially downward facing dog, chaturanga, and upward facing dog – as these poses are practiced multiple times through out class at a rapid pace. The combination of these “vinyasas,” the heated room, and focused core strength work provide a calorie burning, body sculpting workout. Different class lengths offered: 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes.

How hot is it? We do not adjust for humidity nor do we heat the room above 90 degrees. The temperature usually ranges between 85 & 90 degrees.

Intro to Power Flow

Come ready to learn and sweat!
Intro to power flow is accessible for all levels, and open to those looking to rev up their practice. Breath and body awareness will be incorporated into the beginning of each session to help students center, focus and help prepare for the class ahead. This class includes a variety of poses, along with core work, and detailed alignment instructions, to help students safely and effectively take their practice to the next level. 1 hour 15 minutes.

Karma Happy Hour

Round out your work week with yoga!

Are you looking to end your work week on a good note and de-stress? In this class, we will flow slowly through poses to strengthen and stretch different major muscle groups in the body. During each class, we will focus on proper alignment, unwinding some of the damage we do to our bodies throughout the week, while de-stressing and clearing the mind. All levels are welcome! 1 hour

Karma Yoga

The Glowing Body’s commitment to intentional action and to making yoga accessible to anyone.

Karma Yoga is a fun, community-oriented class that invites you to play your edge (key word being ‘play’). Students can expect to receive detailed alignment instruction for a variety of standing, back bending, inverted, and seated postures. Interaction and laughter are welcomed even as students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their practice. Focus is often placed on building awareness throughout the body, as well as making the difficult doable. Inversions are incorporated into most sessions along with pranayama and meditation. Donation based. 1 hour 15 minutes

Meditations from the Mat

A short meditation, directly following Yoga for Everybody at 6:30 on Sundays. This small group meditation is gently lead by Meghan, offering a reading from the book Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison. 15 minutes.

Mindful Hatha Yoga

A beginner-friendly yoga class that focuses on relaxation, stretching, and alignment.

The goal is to allow you to fully experience each pose in such a way that you consciously relax where you should relax, and be strong where you should be strong. Come learn to let go of the tensions you don’t need. Build your body awareness. Clear your mind. Find your calm center. Carry these lessons with you into your day to day life. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Mindful Vinyasa Flow

A brisk class designed to help you gain strength, endurance, and awareness.

As you train your body and mind toward safely practicing more challenging poses, you will build both the major muscle groups as well as the smaller stabilizing muscles.  As you attune your mind to listen carefully to your joints and muscles, you will acquire more confidence, balance, and fine control.

This is a mixed-level class with modifications readily available. 1 hour.

 Modern Breath Group

The first 30 minutes will be spent discussing and learning about the breath technique. We will start the formal breath group work at 1:30pm. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring some water, yoga mat, and blanket if desired.


In the first portion, we will discuss breath technique and answer questions the group may have. We will then discuss in smaller groups what you would like to focus, what physical areas are particularly tight/ painful, those to pay special attention to, and what positive affirmations you need.

During the breathing part of the session, you can expect to be lying down with eyes preferably closed, breathing in a deep, rhythmic, connected but relaxed pattern for about 45-60 minutes while listening to energizing music. During this time I may ask you to make noise with your voice while making some vigorous movements to help release tension. I will also repeat affirmations, and with your permission, apply pressure to tight areas. There are also alternatives to touch available.  There may be times when others are making sound and movement and all are invited to join in and release!

The last 10-15 minutes of breathing are spent in a relaxing manner, equivalent to “savasana”, the resting pose in Yoga. After you are done with the breathing portion you are encouraged to listen to yourself and what you need: you may remain sitting silently, or we can talk about your experience in the larger group. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Morning Slow Flow

Slow it down, gain strength and work with the breath and body connection!

Begin your day moving slowly through a series of poses to become more aware of your alignment and breath. Gradually grow your yoga practice. Build both a sense of strength and ease within. Beginners welcomed. 1 hour.

Mysore Practice

A Mysore-style class is the traditional method of practicing Ashtanga vinyasa yoga and is named for the South Indian city where the practice originated under the direction of Sri K. Pattahbi Jois. This unique style of class is self led and each student practices at his or her own pace. Mysore is a peaceful practice that connects breath and movement while building community. All levels welcome. No prior experience necessary, we will teach you the series and learn together. Read More!!

Wheel Yoga

Experience your practice on wheels!
This wheel-shaped prop helps to address tension and muscular restriction in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen, groins and hip flexors as well as a great way to add in some extra challenge and core stability.
It provides a great source of leverage due to the ’pull on the wheel’ factor. You can use the wheel itself to counterbalance falling in arm balances by pressing into it. The wheel really shines as a useful preparatory tool and prop for all kinds of backbends—from bridge pose to full pigeon, to everything in between. Class is limited to 12 students unless you have your own wheel. 1 hour 15 minutes.
*This is mixed level class, but is not recommended for absolute beginners.

Power Flow

Vinyasa style power class for all!

Individual adaptations/modifications offered to improve your personal practice. Props will be offered to enhance poses. This class is intended to build heat, strength, endurance, and flexibility while connecting the breath, body, and mind. 1 hour.

Practice with Props

Tools to take your practice deeper.

In this one hour class we will utilize yoga props such as blocks, straps, and bolsters to access poses with greater ease and mindfulness, and discover proper alignment. Yoga props are not a crutch or just for beginners, but are tools to build strength and technique in familiar poses. Practice with Props promotes creativity and playfulness to integrate into your personal practice. 1 hour.


Restorative Yoga

Surrender into the softer side of yoga.

Restorative Yoga is the practice of teaching the body and mind how to slow down, relax and rest.  In a restorative yoga practice, one finds practical, still spaciousness within deeply supported yoga poses which allow the body to relax, thus refining the physiology of what is taking place in the body. Designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind, this class uses props to fully support the body in all poses. Poses are held for 5-15 minutes using no muscular effort. A meditative focus is offered to relax the mind. 1 hour.

Rise & Shine Morning Flow

Start your day the right way – on your yoga mat!

Practice foundational yoga poses from a place of mindfulness. Each well-rounded class emphasizes developing strength, balance, flexibility, and mental focus. Leave feeling balanced and energized! Appropriate for all levels. 1 hour.

Ropes Wall Yoga

The best yoga tool EVER!

The yoga ropes wall is beneficial for both beginner students as well as for advanced students. Students will explore the potential for increased movement and realize muscular imbalances as the leverage of the ropes encourage you to maintain proper form — even difficult asanas can be done easily and safely. The class warms up with a progressive series of Core Salutations. Creative rope work is interspersed to deepen the benefits of poses.

With assistance of the ropes you can:

  • Stretch and strengthen most of your muscles.
  • Tone your abdominal muscles and organs.
  • Create spinal traction.
  • Stretch your shoulder and chest muscles.
  • Deepen forward Bends and backbends.
  • Safely Invert.

Students should have a regular practice. No absolute beginners please. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Ropes Wall Basics

Get back to basics.

For the beginner who wants to build a strong foundation of basic yoga postures and breathing techniques, as well as the seasoned practitioner who wants to refine and master the fundamentals. The Ropes Wall rules as a tool for lessening the learning curve. Questions are always welcome in this slower paced class. Special attention will be given to use of props and modifying poses for all body types. The ropes wall is a great tool with which to learn, stretch, relax, unwind, and de-stress. 1 hour.

Toasty Sunrise Flow

Start your work week off right!

Kick-start your week with this all levels, heated flow class. Increase your flexibility, strength, energy, and mental clarity as we connect movement to breath and cultivate a sense of peace and awareness to carry off your mat, into your day. We’ll sweat, we’ll laugh, we’ll set intentions. The room will be heated to 80-85 degrees. 1 hour.

Vinyasa Break Down on the Go

New to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this class is for you. Review the basics in a challenging class combining body alignment and breath. This class helps to clarify posture mechanics through the use of props while building strength, balance and flexibility of the mind and body. A great pause to take in the middle of a busy day. 50 minutes.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

End your day with part flow, part relaxation.

Unwind with a smooth and powerful Vinyasa flow sequence designed to lengthen and warm the body, and to encourage thoughts and worries from the day to fall away. We’ll bring breath and movement into harmony to heighten the focus of your practice and ultimately, your life outside the studio. 1 hour 30 minutes.

Yin Yoga

The practice of the Yin Yoga technique can help increase flexibility and overall body awareness.

Yin Yoga targets the deep, dense, rarely touched connective tissues- the tendons, ligaments and cartilage. The areas of the body generally targeted are between the navel and knees; the lower body. Yin postures are done primarily on the floor and held with little to no muscular effort for 2 to 5 minutes each. Connective tissues require long-holds and reasonable amounts of traction to be stimulated properly. The essence of Yin is yielding- learning how to not struggle and how to allow things to unfold naturally.

Since Yin Yoga postures gently stretch and rehabilitate the connective tissues that form our joints, it is the perfect compliment to Yang activity (vigourous yoga, running, weight training, etc.). You may enhance your yang practice dramatically with this technique. Active people probably need Yin Yoga more than anyone else! This may prove to be one of the your best yoga experiences yet as you develop new levels of awareness in each posture and alignment corrections. Different class lengths offered: 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes.


The fusion of Yin yoga and Vinyasa Flow creates an integrated, balanced practice.

In the first part of this class, we will focus on the yin yoga style to find release in our connective tissues and create space and integrity in both our joints and our minds while removing deep blockages to internal energy flows. The yin postures focus on the hips, pelvis, lower back, and knees, helping the body to remain supple at its core.

The yin portion of the class transitions into a more active yang portion. Yang yoga is the rhythmic, flowing repetition of movements that require strength and balance. A Yang practice emphasizes breath work and bandhas (internal locks) to facilitate heat generation and deep internal awareness thereby building on the release cultivated in the yin portion of the class.

Practicing in this way does amazing things for your back! Different class lengths offered: 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Video of Jennifer Beyt Coffin’s Yinyasa class is available here online at

Yoga Basics

Get started.

For the beginner who wants to build a strong foundation of basic yoga postures and breathing techniques, as well as the seasoned practitioner who wants to refine and master the fundamentals. Emphasis will be placed on aligning the body to help open places that feel tight as well as breathing practices to increase energy and stamina. Questions are always welcome in this slower paced class. Special attention will be given to use of props and modifying poses for all body types. Yoga basics is an invitation to stretch, relax, unwind, and de-stress. 1 hour.

Yoga for 50+

In Yoga for 50+ you will cultivate harmony in the body, mind and spirit.  You will explore poses that can easily be adjusted to suit the individual needs of each practitioner, and are designed to maintain healthy muscles, bones, joints and increase balance.  Class will end with yogic breathing and guided meditation to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and tension and promote better breathing.This class is designed for beginning practitioners who are above the age of 50, however all ages and experience levels are welcome! 1 hour.

Yoga for Everybody

Making all the physical and mental benefits of yoga available to everyone.

A down-to-earth yoga class that helps you find and strengthen the many layers of the core and realize your flexibility. Highly instructive and steadily paced, options will be offered for different levels so that everyone is practicing in their own best way. Flourish in your own experience as you reach for new goals! Donation based. 1 hour 15 minutes.