Thai Yoga Massage Certificate Program

Going Deeper: Practitioner Certification Requirements

What is a Practitioner Certification?

  • Practitioner Certification is professional development.

  • It is an advance study and application of Thai Yoga Massage modality.

  • It is an opportunity to delve deeper in the art form and culture of Thai Yoga Massage.

  • Gain experience in a unique modality that adds tools and resources to your practice.

  • Opens doors of possibilities for creativity and fluidity of bodywork.

  • A practitioner must demonstrate mastery of core skills and knowledge related to the profession.

  • The program is over 150 hours of training and mentoring.

  • A comprehensive study of the course objectives.

  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon satisfactory completion of requirements.

Who can participate:

Open to everyone! 

No prior yoga or massage experience is necessary but you must be comfortable working on the floor on a mat.

  • For Licensed Massage Therapists: Earn CE’s (required by the state of Tennessee for License Massage Therapist.) Thai massage is without a doubt a great addition for those who work on a table. Learn to use your skeletal system and breathing techniques to improve your body mechanics and add a set of skills that can spare your hands and arms from repetitive stress and injury.
  • Yoga teachers or anyone interested in well being, healing and bodywork.

Course Objectives:

  • Observe Theory and History of Thai Massage

  • Learn a Full Body Thai Yoga Sequence

  • Sample of Meditation

  • Introduction to Energy Lines (Sen)

  • Yoga Elements

  • Proper Body Mechanics

  • Acupressure

  • Techniques Utilizing Knees and Feet

  • Techniques Utilizing Motion, Momentum and Rhythm

  • Learn Safe Stretching Techniques

  • Learn Support Poses for Your Clients

Program includes:

  • Live course, demonstration, hands on instruction.

  • Printed instruction guide and manual provided.

  • A Certificate of Completion with 100% participation of each module.


  • Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

  • Supine, Seated and Sen Lines

  • Prone, Inverted and Sen Lines

  • Side Lying, Herbal Compression Technique

  • Abdominal Massage, Thai Techniques, Level 1

  • Thai Massage for Low Back Pain

  • Thai Massage for Head, Neck and Shoulders

  • Thai Massage – Using Your Feet

Certificate of Completion

  • A Certification of Completion demonstrates that you have applied yourself in basic study through a hands on course.

  • Fulfills requirements by the State Licensing board by obtaining Continued Education units from a NCBTMB approved provider.

Overview of Requirements for Practitioner Certification

  • Study the history and theory of Thai Yoga Massage (reading material required).

  • Basic knowledge in anatomy and physiology (20 hours minimum).

  • Complete the entire series of courses (total of 90 hours).

    • Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage
    • 5 other courses from the list of the curriculum.
  • You are required to receive a 90 minute session from Kelly

  • 15 documented practice sessions per module with feedback forms.

  • You are required to give a 90 Minute practical demonstration to Kelly

  • Submit journal entries about your training process.

  • Submit a self-care program.

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