Meet Our Therapists

Kelly Scott, LMT, RTT, NCBTMB Provider, Studio Co-Owner & Director Of Healing Arts

Kim Lomonaco, M.S. CCC-SLP, E-RYT, LMT, Studio Co-Owner

Cynthia Jones, LMT

Sara Leathers, LMT

Ross Barrientos, LMT

Kristin Toussaint, LMT, RYT


Kelly Scott, LMT, RTT, NCBTMB Provider #451957-12

Studio Co-Owner, Director of Healing Arts

Kelly’s education and study have been a journey of continuous unfolding to reach her authentic self, with a focus on Thai yoga massage, Dynamic Thai, and Osteo-Thai. The privilege of learning from many versatile and well-seasoned teachers in Costa Rica, Indonesia, France, Thailand & the U.S. has added depth to her private practice and classrooms.
Kelly’s approach, infusing Thai yoga and Osteo-Thai principles, is an amazing blend of powerful bodywork, creative movement, and well-seasoned compassionate intuition. This is an extremely valuable methodology for anyone interested in acquiring deeper insight into the vast complexity of body, mind, and spirit. This work has the natural ability to transform lives, to bring balance and well-being to everybody.
Her work assists in the healing journey of chronic and acute pain.

The latest podcast interview with Kelly from the Costa Rica School of Massage:

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Visit Kelly’s website.  Or follow her on Instagram @dragonflythaiyoga


Please read our client’s consent and agreement.

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Kim Lomonaco, MS, CCC-SLP, ERYT, LMT

Studio Co-Owner

Kim believes bodywork is a means to being in a deliberate relationship with oneself. Sessions are tailored to address clients’ needs, including the holistic perspective that body, mind, and spirit are inseparable. Expect her to create a session that addresses aches and pains, with suggestions on how to carry over new movement patterns and self-care techniques into day-to-day life. Kim will use her understanding of movement and mindfulness in the therapeutic touch she offers and will empower you to live better in your body.

Kim has been teaching yoga since 2007 and successfully completed two 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training, as well as hundreds of hours of continuing education and independent study in the areas of anatomy/physiology, therapeutic application of yoga, philosophy, meditation, and more recently in Thai Yoga Massage with Kelly Scott, LMT, RTT. She completed her certification in massage therapy at Asheville School of Massage & Yoga in September 2018 and currently practices Thai Yoga Massage with private clients at Glowing Body.

Kim has taught yoga at Glowing Body since the studio opened in 2008, served as studio manager for several years, and bought the studio along with Kelly Scott in 2017. Glowing Body has become an integral part of her development as a person and a professional, and she takes great pride in facilitating the continued success of the studio.

In addition to teaching Yoga, Kim holds a Master of Science degree and has worked as a Speech Language Pathologist in hospitals since 2010. Her experiences in healthcare connect her passion for holistic wellness with allopathic approaches, lending to a balanced understanding of how we may influence our health.

Like on Facebook, follow her on Instagram @thaiyogaknox, or visit her website.

Please read our client consent and agreement.

Cynthia Jones, LMT

Cynthia moved to Knoxville in 2008 to begin her BA in Urban Studies at Johnson University. After graduation, she decided to settle in East Tennessee and soon felt called to study massage therapy. Her friends and family encouraged her to pursue this calling and to deepen the ways she helped and cared for others. In 2017 Cynthia relocated to Asheville to study at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga where she learned to look at massage and the body holistically. After graduating in March 2018, Cynthia had the opportunity to continue her studies in Asheville through the Extended Study Program.   Though she had a transformative time in Asheville, she was drawn back to her community in Knoxville.
Through her studies, Cynthia has developed an interest in deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial massage. She especially enjoys working to release both chronic and acute physical pain, and also holds space for the release of pain that is more emotional or mental. She looks forward to deepening her practice at The Glowing Body.
Visit Cynthia’s website.

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Sara Leathers, LMT

Sara became licensed to practice massage therapy in the summer of 2016. She was drawn to massage and bodywork because they encompassed her interests in learning about the human body and being able to effectively and immediately help others out of pain and discomfort.

Over the years, Sara has studied several styles of massage and bodywork, both locally and internationally. She has knowledge of traditional Maori bodywork from New Zealand which influences her practice daily. In 2019 Sara began studying Thai yoga massage with Kelly Scott at The Glowing Body and is currently working towards completion of the Thai Yoga Practitioner certification. Sara appreciates that Thai massage is a whole body system that takes into consideration both the mental and physical state of the client. She is excited to keep studying and furthering her knowledge of such a unique and beautiful form of bodywork.

Sara offers two different modalities: therapeutic table massage and Thai massage on the mat. She believes in keeping things simple while always working from a compassionate, nurturing intent. Sara understands that every client she encounters has different and specific needs, and after meeting with the client, she will customize the session to best cater to those needs.

During the customized table massage sessions, she combines elements and techniques from Swedish and deep tissue, creating a flowing yet intentional bodywork session.

The Thai yoga massage session is also customized to the client’s needs, and she may use her hands, elbows, forearms, knees, or feet with varying degrees of pressure.

Please read our client consent and agreement.

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Ross “Mosheh” Barrientos, LMT

Ross “Mosheh” Barrientos got into massage therapy to be a healer for the people. He believes we all have a purpose to spread love, grace, and respect. It is through massage and it’s expansive nature that he finds that purpose fulfilled. He is a very skilled therapist that offers his intuition to help his clients achieve their goals from sessions.

Mosheh offers different types of bodywork which include but are not limited to:

* Stretching
* Myofascial Spreading
* Sports Massage
* Structural Integration
* Swedish
* Thai on the Table
* Reflexology
* Craniosacral

Each individual massage technique has benefits & limitations, which will be presented at the time of massage.

* Initial visits require an extra 30 minutes for Mosheh to assess your needs and intentions for your session.

90-minute and 120-minute sessions only.

Please read our client’s consent and agreement.

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Kristin “KAT” Toussaint, LMT, RYT

KAT’s Thai Sports Massage practice focuses on assisting your body’s innate ability to maintain optimal function, recover from active performance, and heal itself when injured. She brings great understanding to her therapeutic sessions from her lifelong active lifestyle as a swimmer, a cyclist, and a former triathlete. This compliments her customized training in the healing art of bodywork.

Once beginning her licensed massage therapy practice in 2017, KAT completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training in 2018 and went on to study with Doug Keller. She combines these skillsets in her therapeutic work to help her clients learn to self-maintain between sessions and to further meet their personal goals.

Her studies continued with the whole body, integrated systems approach to therapeutic bodywork with Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk in trauma release through bodywork. In 2017 -18, she began her studies in Thai Yoga and OsteoThai Massage with Kelly Scott, LMT, RYT, and NCBTMB. She participated in a focused study in the Thai Yoga Practitioner Certification program in 2017. In 2019 she traveled and studied abroad in Thailand in the Thai Immersion Program, which increased her appreciation for the culture, history, and deeper understanding of this unique form of bodywork.

KAT works in private therapy practice and with the University of TN Athletic Department serving football, swimming, track and field, soccer, volleyball, and tennis teams. Her practice brings experience through working with high school and collegiate athletes and coaches, professional recruits and players, Olympians, and health-conscious weekend warriors. She has worked with ages sixteen to eighty-five and is pursuing further training to serve the young and early adolescent population.

KAT is excited to join the Glowing Body Healing Arts team and honored to be offered the opportunity to serve the greater community in Thai Sports Massage Bodywork.

Please read our client consent and agreement.

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Client Consent and Agreement

• It is understood that massage therapy is intended for relaxation, and it is not meant to diagnose, treat or remedy any illness, disease, injury, physical condition, or mental disorder.
• Except in cases of emergency, I agree to pay for all sessions which are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance.
• Massage therapy is strictly non-sexual. Under extenuating circumstances, either party reserves the right to immediately terminate the session.
• Practice of all forms of massage therapy is subject to local laws and ordinances.


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