The Glowing Body Teacher Training


 Curriculum & Requirements


Weekend 1

Intro to Home Practice
Sun Salutation Fundamentals
Intro to Yoga History
Anatomy Overview: Bones & Muscles
Intro to Mindfulness
Restorative Practice

Weekend 2

Standing Poses – Refined Alignment
Yoga Sutras
Yin Practice
Anatomy Overview: Connective Tissue & Organs
Ayurveda/Lifestyle Overview
Introduction to Thai Yoga

Weekend 3

Twisting Poses – Refined Alignment
Energetic Anatomy: Chakras, Nadis & Marmas
Svaroopa Practice
Ayurveda/Nutrition with Catered Lunch
Overview of Bandha, Drishti and Mudra

Weekend 4

Backbending Poses – Overview & Refined Alignment
Breath: Understanding the Vital Force
Deeper Mindfulness Studies
Anatomy Overview: Spine & Nervous System
Yoga for Spinal Health

Weekend 5

Forward Folds/Inversions – Overview & Refined Alignment
Bhagavad Gita
Dharma Yoga Practice
Seva & Activism
Movement, Mantra, Meditation

Weekend 6

Arm Balance/Inversions – Refined Alignment
Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice
Mandala Creative Project
Ropes Wall Yoga
Closing Ceremony
*This concludes the Immersion portion*

 Teacher Training

Weekend 7

Teaching Standing Poses
Sequencing Principles
Class Management
Observation Skills

Weekend 8

Teaching Backbending Poses
Sequencing Principles
Theme Building
Verbal Skills

Weekend 9

Teaching Twisting Poses
Sequencing Principles
Ethics & Business
Assisting and Adjusting

Weekend 10

Teaching Folds/Inversions
Sequencing Principles
Heart of Teaching
Practical Exam
Closing Ceremony

*Note to Participants: This is a projected timeline. Specific weekends content is presented may be different than this outline, though all material listed will be covered in the course of training*


Program Requirements

Our program is undergoing some changes.

Please check back for the full requirements for graduation from our program.

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