The Glowing Body Teacher Training


 Curriculum & Requirements


Weekend 1 – Foundations

Establishing Home Practice
Sun Salutation Fundamentals
Yoga History
Bones & Muscles

Weekend 2 – Connection

Standing Poses
Yoga Sutras
Connective Tissue & Organs
Bandha, Drishti and Mudra

Weekend 3 – Revolution

Twisting Poses
Chakras, Nadis & Marma
Ayurveda: Lifestyle & Nutrition

Weekend 4 – Expansion

Backbending Poses
Breath: Understanding the Vital Force
Spine & Nervous System
Yoga for Spinal Health

Weekend 5 – Reflection

Forward Folds/Inversions
Bhagavad Gita
Mantra & Meditation
Seva & Activism

Weekend 6 – Freedom

Arm Balance/Inversions
Yoga Karunta
Mandala Creative Project
Closing Ceremony
*This concludes the Immersion portion*

 Teacher Training

Weekend 7 – Witness

Teaching Standing Poses
Sequencing Principles
Classroom Management
Observation Skills

Weekend 8 – Direct

Teaching Back Bending Poses
Sequencing Principles
Theme Building
Verbal Skills

Weekend 9 – Respond

Teaching Twisting Poses
Sequencing Principles
Ethics & Business
Assisting and Adjusting

Weekend 10 – Inspire

Teaching Folds/Inversions
Sequencing Principles
Heart of Teaching
Practical Exam
Closing Ceremony

*Note to Participants: This is a projected timeline. Specific weekends content is presented may be different than this outline, though all material listed will be covered in the course of training*


Program Requirements

Attendance to all sessions is MANDATORY.

Only in extenuating circumstances will make up sessions be scheduled, at the expense of the participant. Make up sessions are not included in program tuition. It is strongly encouraged that absences be avoided.

Immersion Requirements

Logged Home Practice
(At least 2 times per week during program)
Group Class Attendance
(At least once per week during program, up to 25 classes at Glowing Body included in tuition)
Journal Assignments
Outside Reading Assignments with Reading Guides
(Average 4 hours per month)

Teacher Training Requirements

Class Plan Portfolio
Outside Reading Assignments with Reading Guides
(Average 4 hours per month)
Journal Assignments
Teaching Practicum
(Average 1 hour per week)

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