TT Requirements

GBTT Non-Contact & Mentor Program Requirements

For non-contact hours, you will need:

-10 participations in different styles (see the chart in your binder for guidance or ask Emily if you are still unclear.)

-10 observations of different styles (you may observe a class that you have previously participated in.)

Example: You may participate in AND observe Yinyasa without it being counted as a repeat.

You will need to complete the Yoga Class Evaluation form that is in your binder for each participation and observation. Place it in the folder behind the desk. Those will go directly to Cindy.

When you come to class, please sign the sign in sheet and indicate next to your name – GBTT Participating or GBTT Observing.

We ask that you complete these observations and participations by Saturday, May 9th, 2015.


As part of the Mentor Program, you will need to:

– Participate in the mentor’s class at least one time (this participation may not be applied to the class participation above.)

– Observe the mentor’s class at least one time (this observation may not be applied to the class observations above.)

– Meet  with  your  mentor  after  the  observation to discuss how their approach to teaching, assisting, and managing a class (this may include hand’s on assist review) & how they expect you to participate as an assistant.

– Assist  in  mentor’s  class  at  least  once  (the  mentor class  observation and meeting must precede the assist.)

* Offsite student observation and/or participation in a mentor’s class is acceptable.

Example: If Philip is your mentor and it is easier for you to participate in his class at another studio in town, please confirm with Philip that it is ok, and get him to sign and date your chart.

Please note that The Glowing Body is not responsible for payments that might be required. We can only offer our studio classes at no additional charge.