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Why Thai? | Origins of Thai Yoga Massage | What to Expect in a Session | Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage 

Why We’re a Thai Yoga Healing Arts Center

Many of you know I have been an advocate for Thai Yoga for over a decade. My passion lies within this rich art form of bodywork, and its approach and belief system that embodies balance and restoration for both giver and receiver. Thai Yoga healing never ceases to amaze and inspire me to continue to learn and grow. It is from this inspiration and belief, the birth of my announcement. 
I am very excited to announce our offerings as a full-service Thai Healing Arts Center here at Glowing Body.  
Many of you have experienced our Thai Yoga offerings on various levels from scheduling Thai Yoga massage sessions, Partner Thai, Bend and Bliss, as well as continued educational Thai Yoga workshops. Though now, we are on the rooftop with an amplifier shouting out these services, as they have grown and developed within us and from without, and I just cannot contain my excitement further!
My enthusiasm to share these new services has been a part of me and brewing within for some time now. It became obvious to me that this is our direction for the Healing Arts, and for our community’s healing journey.  
We have several Thai therapists providing one or more of these specialized fields of practice.
Our Thai services link to a full description, and I invite you to explore each of them, if not for yourself, perhaps for a loved one. Our new services will be rolling out in full bloom, and consist of the following: 
Thank you all for supporting us as we flourish together.
Sincerely and With Thankfulness,
Kelly Scott

The Origins of Thai Yoga Massage


2,500 years ago a dynamic bodywork therapy based upon yoga and Ayurveda practices, appeared in the temples of Thailand. This therapeutic art was directly rooted in the Indian healing traditions of Ayurvedic medicine. The father founder of Thai Yoga Massage, Jivaka Kumarbhaccha, was a renowned doctor and yogi. His practices would evolve into traditional Thai Massage

In this unique healing system, the practitioner guides the client through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (Sen) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension and balances the body.

Thai Yoga practitioners agree to pay respect and offer gratitude to the Thai people and Thai culture and to encourage the understanding and practice of traditional Thai healing arts through their disciplined work.



What to Expect in a Thai Yoga Session?

The theoretical basis for traditional Thai healing is rooted in the belief that all forms of life are sustained by a vital force (lom) that is carried along lines (sen) that run through our bodies.

Thai massage combines elements of yoga, assisted stretching  and acupressure to provide a unique and powerful bodywork experience. Thai massage differs from traditional table massage in several important ways.

  1. Sessions take place on a comfortable floor mat to provide a stable, firm base, so the sequence may be executed with total security, but can also be offered on a massage table.
  2. The rubbing techniques of Western massage are absent in Thai massage; creams and oils are not used; and the work is performed in comfortable clothing.
  3. Thai massage practitioners use their feet, knees, elbows and forearms, as well as their hands and fingers during a therapeutic session. Four anatomical postures are worked on: supine, prone, lateral, and seated. Although the client’s physical body is addressed, the therapy is also meant to bring balance and harmony to the mind of the receiver and to encourage a process of self-healing.

The practice of this massage is based on the kind love or loving compassion that Buddhism espouses. Our promise to you is to offer ancient Thai wisdom in a modern, supportive, and authentic way, to help you experience the love, joy, and freedom that is your birthright. We use the time-tested techniques, practices, and philosophy of Thai Yoga to open our hearts and dissolve limiting beliefs and behaviors

60, 90 and 120 minute sessions are typical. 



The Benefits of a Thai Yoga Massage

Many benefits may be gained from a Thai Massage session.  As proper balancing the energy systems of the human body can have a profound effect on the receiver.  One often feels an immediate sense of grounding and openness, and perceptions with the 5 senses are awakened.  Some common benefits are: 

  • Greater flexibility and mobility in the joints 
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Improved body alignment 
  • Straighter posture
  • Breath awareness & Deeper breathing
  • Stimulation of internal organs which helps them to function at an optimal level
  • Deeper mindfulness and appreciation

Two other responses are noted from a Thai Massage session are either, a dramatic spike in energy or tiredness. Whatever the initial reaction, energy is in the process of being rebalanced, and you can find these even out a few hours after your session.

Thai Yoga Massage can also address specific conditions and aliments such as SI Joint problems, low back pain, head neck and shoulder pain, difficulty taking a good breath and full exhalations, recovery from injury or surgeries, as well as for sports conditioning, pregnancy, and so much more.